1. Comfortable feeling

The silk sheets are actually made of protein fiber,just like the cashmere , is one of the earliest material got from animals. So it has good biologic consistency with our body skin. Besides, it is got from the research that silk has the lowest friction ,only 7.4%.with body skin among various fibers. Thus, just imaging about when the smooth silk meets with your tender and lovely body, it can fit perfectly as if you are having a milk bath.

silk sheets

2. It can automatically adjust to keep the balance of the moisture.

It is because the silk fiber has many hydrophilic groups such as (-CHNH),(-NH2) etc and these groups are with porosity, which make the silk fiber can absorb the moisture as well as diffusion of it to keep the best status .For example, it is hot in the summer and people sweats a lot . Silk can help absorb the sweats and volatilize soon, which keep you feeling cool . That is why silk is a must for many people in the summer. What is more, in the normal temperature like spring and autumn when the temperature is not that high but it is dry , the silk hydrophilic feature will help keep and store the moisture to keep the humidity and make you feel lubricant.


Tryptophan and tyrosine are proteins from silk fiber that can absorb the ultraviolet, making the silk is a natural sun blocker to keep the safety of the skin. As we all know the ultraviolet is harmful to accelerate the aging of the skin. Of course, when the silk absorbs the ultraviolet, itself will have some chemical change and make it to become yellow.