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Benefits of silk

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Silk is a kind of ecological pollution-free natural fibers. With fiber and other processed products irreplaceable unique properties and incomparable exuberant vitality. Consumers will silk as the “source” of beauty. So, what are the advantages of silk products?

1. Soft and comfortable

Silk is composed of protein fibers, and has excellent biocompatibility with the human and has a smooth surface, the friction coefficient of stimulus to the human body is the lowest in all kinds of fiber. Therefore, when our skin encounters soft and smooth silk, it can take care of every inch of skin safely by its unique soft texture, according to the curve of the human body.

2. Good for sleep

Silk is rich in amino acids sleeping factors, which can help to improve the quality of sleep and eliminate fatigue.

3. Humidity-absorbing and breathable

Moisture absorption of silk is 1.5 times than cotton. Silk protein contains hydrophilic factor such as amino acids. Their porous features make the water molecular diffuse easily, so silk can absorb or emit water molecules.

4. Antibacterial and anti-mite

Wild silkworm comes from the immune system of growing tracks. This kind of antibacterial activity protein make the silk have the natural characteristic of antibacterial and mould proof. The industry also uses silk powder as raw material for food packaging.

5. suitable for skin and resist allergy, good for sweet sleep

Silk is highly similar to keratin protein’s structure in human body, which is widely used to make artificial blood vessels and artificial skin. And it will not produce allergy.

6. beauty anti-wrinkle

Silk contains lysine, leucine, etc can accelerate the metabolism of skin surface lipid membrane, enhance skin elasticity, improve blood circulation, such as threonine, serine, prevent dry skin wrinkles, delay skin aging.

7. Embellish and care skin

Fibroin fiber concentrates many hydrophilic groups such as - CHNH, -NH2. And due to its porosity, it is easy to diffuse with water molecular, so it can absorb the moisture in the air and keep a certain moisture. Under normal temperature, it can help skin to retain moisture, and does not make the skin too dry.

Wearing in the summer, it also will flush out the sweat and quickly send out quantity of heat, making the person feel cool and clinking. Because of this performance, the silk fabric is more suitable for direct contact with human skin. Therefore, people put the silk clothes as one of the essential clothes in summer.

Silk is a kind of porous fiber with good qualities of heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture and air permeability, which can regulate skin moisture and keep skin clean. Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acids which are similar to human skin ingredients. They can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, prevent hardening of the arteries and nourish the skin.

8. UV protection

The glycine, tyrosine and tryptophan in silk fibroin with UV shielding can effectively prevent ultraviolet (UV) radiation and greatly reduce the risks of developing skin cancer. White silk from silkworm will gradually become yellow under ultraviolet light, because the silk absorbed the ultraviolet ray in sunshine.

9. without electricity, and long-term keep hair

Silk protein is a poor conductor of electricity, so it does not produce static electricity. And it also won’t gather dust caused by. It can be clean all the time, it can also effectively keep the hair style not disorder at the same time.

10. Improving your quality of life

Silk products are high-grade. The use of silk products can make your life more quality.