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Cotton vs Silk

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Cotton quilt has interior space with natural cotton fiber, and the texture is soft without smell. Also, it is no irritating to the skin. And no any additives is obtained people’s favorite. And the silk is called fiber queen, and it is the original ecological environmental protection of natural fiber. It also has good close skin intimacy when used as the quilt. With the characteristics of light, soft and fine, the silk quiltis also gradually popular among people. One is the traditional quilt, another is a popular fashion.The quilt made of cotton and silk which is better?

First, the advantages and disadvantages of the cotton quilt.

1. Advantages

No static
The price is affordable
The permeability is good
Heat preservation performance is good
Regenerative ability

2. Disadvantages

The cotton quilt is thicker than silk quilt. Some people will feel pressure and uncomfortable, especially the people with liquid circulation and the elderly, pregnant women, babies and other people unfavorably use the cotton quilt. Cotton need to renovate, even more troublesome.

Second,the advantages and disadvantages of the silk quilt.

1. Advantages

a. promote sleep
The main component of silk quilt is animal protein fiber, containing 18 kinds of amino acid which are beneficial to human body. It can send out a “sleep factor” to settle nerves, improve sleep, enhance the vitality of the human body and slow down aging, which is beneficial to human body.

b. keep out the cold and constant temperature
Silk quilt has more porous fiber structure, containing the highest of fiber volume gap silk. When the weather is cold, the quilt can reduce heat loss to achieve the effect of warm.Also, it can get rid of excess heat on hot days, making the temperature inside the quilt more comfortable, and make people sleep soundly.

c. regulate temperature and moisture of the body
"Hydrophilic amino acid" material can absorb or send out the moisture in the air to maintain the dry inside the quilt. The silk quilt has the effect to prevent rheumatism, arthritis and skin disease. Compared with the cotton quilt, silk quilt are less likely to be affected with damp.

d. anti-mites, antibacterial, prevent allergy and close to skin
Silk is made up of protein fiber, and it is soft and silky, which can care every inch of the body. The silk contains the sericin composition that has the ability to prevent mites and mold.It is very suitable for allergic constitution.

e. lasting the fleeciness and comfort for a long time
Warp and weft network structure makes silk quilt notoccur body shift or holes phenomenon in the process of using. Also, it has a strong force and strong stretching force.

2. Disadvantages

The real mulberry silk quilt is very expensive !