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are silk sheets expensive

Silk is a natural high-grade fabric. Not only can promote sleep, but also strong cold and warmth. It can also prevent rheumatism and arthritis, so its price is relatively high.

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The difference between Chinese and Western sleep habits

Chinese love to take a nap and this is very rare to see in the western countries. Besides Athens and Jerusalem and other places of the elderly, there are few Westerners have a habit of taking a nap.

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Where to buy real silk sheets

Silk sheets are the dream of some people hard to fall asleep for it provides very soft and comfortable feeling as if you are in a milk bath. However, some questions where to buy the real silk sheets instead of fake ones?

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benefits of silk sheets

Silk sheet sets are gorgeous with splendor riches and the flickering of its natural soft light makes it more lovely . Many love the luxury and elegance silk is born with and feel extremely favored and pleasant while lying ...

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silk sheets

It is a high quality enjoyment to have silk sheets. When entering the dry autumn, the use of silk kits containing 18 kinds of amino acids and natural porous protein fibers can protect skin and improve sleep quality. But many people don't know how to clean silk sheets. Let's tell you that cleaning silk sheets is very simple.

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