22 momme silk sheets

Silk sheet sets are gorgeous with splendor riches and the flickering of its natural soft light makes it more lovely . Many love the luxury and elegance silk is born with and feel extremely favored and pleasant while lying on the smooth and soft silk sheets as if taking a milk bath .However, It is not only the pleasant feeling it can offer, silk sheets also provide real benefits for your hair , skin and health.

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Good for hair

As well all known, there is friction between the hair and pillowcase. Thus, you may find your hair in a mess waking up in the morning by using ordinary cotton pillowcase. But it will never happen while using the silk pillowcase. According to the research, the friction between skin and silk is the lowest among it with other protein fibers.It has very small friction,only 7.4% and has very less effect on hair cuticle, keeping your hair sexy flyaway, silky shine and soft to touch.

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Good for skin

silk sheet sets can keep your skin moisturized and help anti-aging. Referring to keeping moisturized,it is because the silk fiber has many hydrophilic groups such as (-CHNH),(-NH2) etc and these groups are with porosity, which make the silk fiber can absorb the moisture as well as diffusion of it to keep the best status .For example, it is hot in the summer and people sweats a lot . Silk can help absorb the sweats and volatilize soon, which keep you feeling cool . That is why silk is a must for many people in the summer. What is more, in the normal temperature like spring and autumn when the temperature is not that high but it is dry , the silk hydrophilic feature will help keep and store the moisture to keep the humidity and make you feel lubricant . As to helping anti-aging, it is because silk is a kind of protein fiber which includes 18 kinds amino acid beneficial to human health, accelerating metabolism, enhancing the skin vitality . What is more, Tryptophan and tyrosine are proteins from silk fiber that can absorb the ultraviolet, making the silk is a natural sun blocker to keep the safety of the skin. As we all know the ultraviolet is harmful to human body.

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Good for health

It is researched that silk sheet can assist to heal some skin disease. Medical workers choose 30 people suffering from skin tanning and use silk making various fabrics to help heal them. The result shows that even using the silk fabric only can achieve a decent effect, no need to use the medicine for external use. Some patients lying on bed for a long time may have bedsore . By using silk sheets and wearing silk clothes, it can achieve the effect to absorb extra moisture and accelerate evaporation, which can keep dry of the wound and make it heal soon.

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Silk generally refers to mulberry silk, which belongs to a kind of natural protein fiber. It is characterized by high moisture absorption rate, good gas permeability, smooth and soft texture, and bright and soft gloss. Silk bedding is more comfortable and cool in summer.