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19 Momme 4PCs Flat Sheet Set

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Regular Price: $479.00

priceSpecification $419.00

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19 Momme 4PCs Flat Sheet Set is very soft and comfortable, suitable for skin and resist allergy.
Contains: 2 Housewife Silk Pillowcases, 1 Silk Fitted Sheet, 1 Silk Flat Sheet.
Fabric: 100% 19 Momme pure Mulberry silk.
Thread Count: 400
International Certification: OEKO-TEX Standard 100

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19 Momme 4PCs Flat Sheet Set

19 Momme 4PCs Flat Sheet Set .

Rating: 100/100 based on 21 review(s)
  • Price: 419.00 - In stock
    Sold by Orose
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This 19Momme series seamless silk sheets set are made from 100% A-grade mulberry silk. Unlike the seamed version, which is a combination of two or more smaller fabrics, the seamless sheets are cut from the entire fabric. Removing the seams makes the sheets stronger in terms of wear and tear resistance and looks more beautiful. If you want to decorate your rooms with silk, seamless sheets are a better choice due to better structural durability and better aesthetics.

There are many reasons to use silk on a bed. Soft as baby's skin, silky and soft as nothing, breathable and comfortable like a second layer of skin, it gives your body the least pressure. Silk is a protein fiber that contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body. It helps the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid film, so it can keep the skin moist and smooth. Silk helps reduce any potential allergic reactions. In addition, it has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. Breathability and thermal insulation ensure that it keeps you warm without getting hot, with a warm winter and cool summer, and its powerful moisture absorption helps keep your bed dry.

Our silk is made entirely of pure natural silk produced by silkworm, which is the best silk in the world. The product has passed the OEKO-TEX100 quality inspection to ensure that no products are in compliance with the standard. OEKO was developed by the International Environmental Textile Association in 1992. Their main task is to detect harmful substances in textiles to determine their safety and enhance the sleep experience.

Delivery & Returns:
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45-Day Free Returns45-Day Free Returns
post addressP.O. Boxes and military addresses (APO, FPO) can be delivered.
Care Instruction:
Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30°C) on most gentle cycle available.
Minimize spin time.Hang dry if possible.
Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.
Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside.
  1. Well made and worth every penny! review by Kathryn E. on 6/17/2019

    I have always wanted silk sheet and I finally splurged on a set. I went with Taihu Snow silk because of the great reviews they have and I wasn’t disappointed! Sheets are well made and incredibly luxurious. Had a really hard time getting out of bed this morning. They did take a couple weeks to reach me, but was well wort the wait. I highly recommend! I will most likely be ordering these in another color.

  2. A touch of heaven review by Brian on 6/17/2019

    The most amazing sheets ever. They feel so soft. I don't know how i can ever go back to any other material.
    They looks amazing. The only thing I did not like is the packing is plastic and left a plastic smell i had to wash them twice by hand to take the smell off. But other then that these are 5 stars!

  3. Pillow cases review by Special on 6/4/2019

    The pillow cases feel like I am sleeping on golden clouds. I really feel like royalty on these sheets and pillow case. Thank you so much

  4. Beautiful review by Orose Customer on 5/27/2019

    Super luxurious sheets.

  5. Quality silk. Generous size. review by Mildred on 5/20/2019

    Like everything.

  6. Top of the line review by Jose gonzalez on 5/12/2019

    Liked everything

  7. Best sheets ever review by John Valley on 5/10/2019

    Sheets are the greatest- Wife and I love them, they are much better than the satin sheets.(our first purchase of real silk) Vendor is very helpful with any questions. Only dislike is it's hard to keep the kids out of our bed now!!!!!

  8. Silky, soft, and slippery review by Katz on 5/8/2019

    I've had these a few weeks and wanted to wait to review until I had more experience with them. They were a big splurge for me and with going through menopause I was willing to try anything to feel cooler and have better sleep. I previously bought silk pillowcases from another company and enjoyed using them for better skin and hair care and loved the results.

    For this Silk Sheet Set:
    Service was exceptional- received it sooner than expected, questions answered promptly by company, etc.
    Quality is very good- sewn well, no hanging threads or defects whatsoever, luxurious feeling! I love the slate blue color, it is gorgeous and seems true to the pictures on computer. The sizing is generous on both the pillows and sheets. I have a 16 inch mattress with a topper and it fits with room to spare.
    The feel is very soft, cool, silky, albeit slippery. I really love the feel, so comfortable that I am excited to go to bed and don't want to get out in the morning. But to be honest, I still get hot and sweaty and find myself kicking off the covers middle of the night. So I changed it up and I am just using the bottom sheet for now, with a cotton duvet cover over my comforter and that feels a little cooler. Full disclosure: I live in Hawaii where it is warm and humid year round and I don't have A/C.
    It took some getting used to these sheets due to them being slippery. The first night my pillow slipped off the bed during my tossing and turning and knocked down my water on my night stand, then another day my pillow slipped and knocked off my lamp! Fortunately it didn't break or fall on my sleeping dog next to my bed. ;)
    Obviously I need to move things a little, but they are so slippery that even the top sheet and comforter fell to bottom of bed on floor and husband and I wake up trying to pull up the sheets but they were on the floor! Minor but just information to share.
    I washed 3 times now in machine on "handwash" setting with Woolite. Hung on line to dry and they dry very fast then back on the bed- don't even want to rotate them with my cotton sheets because I love these! A little wrinkly but they smooth out on bed. I don't iron sheets and especially silk sheets due to fear of easily burning silk- my expensive investment. Overall, I highly recommend but if you're not sure, start will pillowcases or a bottom fitted sheet. Those are my favorite to use.

  9. Beautiful product. review by Barbara G. Petrov on 4/28/2019

    Well made.

  10. Spendy..... but worth every penny review by marc durham on 4/17/2019

    I am in love with the quality of this sheet. I have never slept so well as I do with this top sheet and fitted (sold separately) sheets. Worth the cost

  11. Sheets feel great review by Ricky on 4/10/2019

    Sheets arrived very quickly was expecting them to take 1-2 weeks they actually arrived in 3 days . Sheets are excellent quality and very well made.

  12. Comfy af review by duuurp on 4/9/2019

    Skewed opinion, as I’ve been sleeping on cheep Walmart bedding my whole life. Decided to treat myself, regretting the price immediately...until I slept in it. Best sleep I’ve every had! Haven’t had it long enough to speak towards the durability, but yeah.

  13. Very confortable and cool sheets. review by Jose on 3/31/2019

    Had these sheets for about 4 months now. Great quality, helps me stay cool, and they feel great. I dont sleep on anything else now. Still in great condition after many silk cared washes. Highly recommend.

  14. starsSoft ivory review by Christopher on 3/30/2019

    I didn't like the idea of silk sheets, but my spouse insisted, so we got this top sheet. It is so comfortable and I love the ivory color. Haven't had it long enough to speak to durability, but I'll definitely be careful washing it considering how much real silk costs.

  15. Luxury at the highest. review by Manon on 3/27/2019

    I love my silk sheet. It was as expected. My bed is high so it doesn't go all the way to the floor as shown on the picture but it covers my 2 mattresses.

  16. LOVE! review by Swiss on 10/1/2018

    I love my new sheets.Will buy again.Thank you.

  17. SOFT AS SILK review by Alice on 9/17/2018

    Like sleeping in a cacoon so soft.... I ordered one for every bed in the house!Great product.feels like royalty!

  18. SLEEP LIKE A BABY review by Xanthe on 9/5/2018

    Been using for about 8 weeks now and I love these sheets. I sleep like a happy baby.

  19. HAPPY review by Lydia on 8/4/2018

    We are very happy with the silk sheets and silk pillow cases.

  20. BEAUTIFUL AND SO SOFT review by Kama on 7/4/2018

    Beautiful and so soft.

  21. WE LOVE THESE SHEETS review by Mignon on 3/25/2018

    We love these sheets. They are so comfortable. I wash them in the machine on gentle cycle and dry them in the dryer also on gentle. No ironing needed if you use them again right away. We just hope that they will hold up since it is recommended to hand wash and line dry them.

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What’s the difference between satin and silk?
1. Silk is a type of natural fabric made from silkworm cocoons, while satin is a weave, which means that there are in fact satin silk, although it's safe to say that 99% of the satin products sold on the market at low prices are not made with silk, but with polyester instead.
2. Usually, Satin pillowcases which haven’t mentioned silk are pillowcases made from some non-silk fabrics. They are much cheaper than silk pillowcases.
3. 100% mulberry silk pillowcases can be made of satin weave or charmeuse weave, silk fabric will bring people huge health benefits, while synthetic satin is rougher.

Sleep in the SPA?

Silk is a kind of ecological pollution-free natural fibers. With fiber and other processed products irreplaceable unique properties and incomparable exuberant vitality. Consumers will silk as the “source” of beauty. So, what are the advantages of silk products?

Long-term keep hair style

Silk protein is a poor conductor of electricity, so it does not produce static electricity. And it also won’t gather dust caused by. It can be clean all the time, it can also effectively keep the hair style not disorder at the same time.

Suitable for skin and resist allergy, good for sweet sleep

Silk is highly similar to keratin protein’s structure in human body, which is widely used to make artificial blood vessels and artificial skin. And it will not produce allergy.

Humidity-absorbing and breathable

Moisture absorption of silk is 1.5 times than cotton. Silk protein contains hydrophilic factor such as amino acids. Their porous features make the water molecular diffuse easily, so silk can absorb or emit water molecules.