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What should be done to improve mite allergy?


1.​Use formal and safe professional anti-mite bedding. For example, pure silk bed article has very good effect to prevent mite bug and skin allergy.

2.​Use smooth wood, plastic and ceramic tile for interior furniture and flooring. Do not use carpets.

3.Use leather products, wood products or plastic products instead of cloth art, filled furniture.For example, sofa surface should use plastic smooth material,use leather sofa instead of cloth art sofa, not easy to hide dirt and breeding dust mites, but also easier to clean.


4.​Do not cover cotton and wool decorations on the furniture, wool blankets and other susceptible to mites, avoid placing flags, cloth art products and other easy to accumulate dust ornaments.

5.​Avoid heavy curtain fabric, replace with blinds or plastic shutters. If you must use curtains, please use light curtains that are easy to clean frequently.

6.​Clean dust with slightly wet cloth, do not use broom or feather duster, avoid dust flying, indoor dust will have allergen. During cleaning, people with dust mite allergy should stay away from the area during cleaning and within one hour after cleaning, because the allergen will be flying in the air at this time. Inhalation may cause allergic reaction.

7.​It is recommended not to use bamboo MATS, straw MATS, rattan MATS, etc., because there are a lot of mites and mold in them, and the allergens in bamboo cannot be cleaned out.

8.Microbe tend to grow in high humidity environment, dehumidifier, air conditioner and air filter can be used indoors.Open windows frequently when the weather is good, keep good ventilation state, can avoid warm and humid, prevent dust mites and microbe proliferation.

9.​Keep clothes in the closet and close the door. Do not stack them in the bedroom, especially at the head of the bed.

10.​Do not keep plants indoors, including hydroponic plants.Summer is generally hot and humid, which provides a favorable environment for the breeding of mites.Keep the room dry and clean. When the weather is good, open the window to ventilate, the work station of kitchen and toilet, wall, the water stains on the ground should be wiped in time.


11.​Clean air conditioning regularly, only clean filter net is not enough, the filter net which did not use for long time , air outlet and wind wheel breeding a large number of bacteria and mold, dust mite. It is recommended to clean once a month during use.

12.​Can be combined with the use of HEPA acaroid cleaner to filter allergens to reduce the release of allergens.

13.​The house that lives many years, especially wooden floor room or damp room on the first floor, breed mite bug and mould easily under the floor or in the corner that piles up sundry.and it's not easy to clean these corners.why not clean every corner of the room and open the doors and Windows ventilation on a rest day.

14.​Do not use straw MATS or tatami and other straw products.Quilt stuffing had better not use feather, down, cotton wool and other allergic materials products.

15.​Do not use insecticide when children with allergies are in the room. In mosquito fly active season, a lot of parents spray insecticide indoor , which is easy to irritate the child's respiratory tract, cause allergy.Mosquito-repellent incense, perfume, tail gas, thick soot, insecticide, air freshener and so on, try to avoid contact.

16.​Avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Many parents think it's okay to smoke on the balcony, but even so, it's hard to make the room a smoke-free environment. Long-term exposure to tobacco allergens makes it difficult to improve the allergic constitution.

17.​Air pollution is becoming more and more serious, and haze weather occurs from time to time.In addition to the haze contains a large number of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens, but also contains hundreds of atmospheric chemical particles, easy to cause allergies.In the haze weather, should try to reduce the number of children outdoor sports.Wear masks, hats and long coats to reduce exposure to harmful air. The mask should be changed regularly and should not be used for a long time.

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