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Six cosmetic effects of natural silk sheets


advantages of silk pillowcases

1. Ultra-strong persistent moisturizing ability

Silk protein can absorb the moisture with weight of up to 50 times, and can maintain persistent moisture for long time. Experimental data show that under the conditions of 25 ℃ and 50% humidity, silk protein can maintain around 95% moisture after three days later, but critic acid and gelatin respectively maintain 82% moisture and 80% moisture.

Six cosmetic effects of natural silk sheets

2. It has natural anti-wrinkle effect, and effectively promotes the secretion of collagen

Silk protein is a fibrous protein, the molecular structure is similar to collagen fibers in the skin, and it can naturally enhance the elasticity of the skin, so it is known as the Queen of fiber, amino acids contained in the silk protein are necessary for a large number of cell fission and proliferation to be able to accelerate the metabolism of skin, prevent wrinkles and tighten the skin, making skin smooth and fine. Silk sheets and silk pillowcases are widely used for its amazing anti-wrinkle effect.

3. Powerful whitening

Melanin in the skin is formed by the oxidation of tyrosinase, while silk protein can effectively inhibit the formation of tyrosinase, and keep skin white and delicate. Now Silk beddings and silk underwear are very popular among women for this feature.

Six cosmetic effects of natural silk sheets

4. Anti-UV effect

Silk protein has the ability to absorb UV light, with an average 90% anti-UVB ability, and more than 50% anti-UVA ability.

Orose silk sleep cap can effectively absorb UV light, and thus keep your hair healthier.

5. Anti-inflammatory and pock prevention

Experiments show that 50 women, aged 15-30, who have pocks inflammatory conditions were made test with silk protein, and the results show that 38% of women were improved and 47% of women had significant improvement. Under the same circumstances, we made test on male volunteers, and it turns out 27% of the men had improvement and as much as 65% of the people were improved significantly.

Silk pillowcases, silk sheets and silk sleepwear are highly recommended by doctors.

Therefore, the various excellent features of silk fibroin are transferred to clothing and cosmetics human wear and use everyday for skin care, enabling humans have healthy and beautiful skin. Silk fibroin complies with mankind's concept of green consumption in the new century. Orose provides lots of high quality silk products, such as silk pillowcases, silk beddings, silk sleep caps, silk eye mask, silk sleepwear and so on.

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