Silk quality is usually considered from the following aspects:


The weight for one square meter (g/m2) is the main unit of measurement for the texture of the fabric, which is usually expressed in momme (m/m) for measuring silk. Momme is the unit of weight whose abbreviation is m/m. Don't misunderstand it in millimeters!

1 momme = 4.3056 g/m2

However, momme is not necessarily proportional to the quality of the silk, so silk selection should be as needed. Silk fabrics are commonly 8m/m, 12m/m, 16m/m, 19m/m, 30m/m, which means that the bigger the number is, the heavier the fabric will be. And the price of silk fabric follows the weight. Therefore, the bigger the number of momme is, the higher the price will generally be.

2.Silk content

SILK is silk. The latter percentage indicates how much silk it contains. For example, SILK100% is a full silk product.

3.Conventional indexes

a) Plain crepe satin

Plain crepe satin is a regular fabric in silk fabrics. The bright satin is noble, smooth and delicate. This is the standard silk fabric for many people to make cheongsam which has a smooth pearly luster and bright colors! This kind of fabric feels good on the hand, so the buyers' satisfaction is usually very high when selling satin clothes; this kind of fabric is easy to wrinkle, so after ironing, it will be smooth in order to perfectly shine its luster. Satin looks noble. In fact, some designs are really beautiful, noble and first-class with this fabric. Plain crepe satin is suitable for dresses, scarves, shirts, etc.

b) Elastic plain crepe satin

Elastic plain crepe satin is similar to plain crepe satin. Compared with plain crepe satin, it has a certain elasticity, which means it is not easy to wrinkle and is good to tidy up and makes up for the shortcomings of pure silk. It is suitable for scarves, cheongsams and so on. Elastic plain crepe satin is an interwoven fabric with 90%-95% mulberry silk and 5%-10% spandex. It is characterized by good elasticity, comfort, relatively small shrinkage and unique style. It contains other ingredients instead of 100% silk, which makes the fabric elastic and makes the drape good. The greater the proportion of silk is, the more the hand feels towards the satin and the more beautiful the gloss is.

c) Double-crepe

Double-crepe is a satin made from mulberry silk. Its characteristic is that the silk surface presents two-way fine wrinkles, so it is called crepe( Chinese:绉). It is an important variety of Chinese satin production and export, accounting for 15% and 10% of total silk production and exports. Due to its many characteristics, its good texture, its wide ranges of uses, it is very popular and its sales are unfailing. It is suitable for shirts, skirts, etc.

d) Organza

Not all organza is made from silk. It can also be made from chemical fiber. The organza in many shopping malls or Taobao shops is chemical fiber. But silk organza and chemical fiber organza are difficult to distinguish by eyes. Silk organza has hardness but is not as hard as chemical fiber. Silk organza feels softer and does not stick the skin. It is slightly stiff and smooth, but is not as stiff as the chemical fiber organza. The disadvantage is that it is very easy to collapse and hook up. Chemical fiber is much better. Organza is suitable for wedding dresses and normal dresses, but it must be lined because it is a little bit transparent.