I often feel inferior to my hair, too little, too thin, too soft. But today, these flaws have made me the one to be tested by Dyson's Airwrap.

Dyson Airwrap

On October 10, 2018, Dyson officially launched the hair styling at the press conference in New York.

In order to try this product, I deliberately washed my head first. According to the instructions, this product works best when the hair is semi-dry and semi-wet.

I tried the hair dryer first, but unfortunately, the effect is very general. The sense of use was similar to that of a normal hair dryer, not to mention the hair dryer that Dyson introduced before. However, Dyson himself said that this accessory in Airwrap could not replace a hair dryer. In the instructions for use, the accessory is actually called “pre-moulding nozzles”, which blow the wet hair to a moist and non-dripping state to prepare for the moulding.

Dyson Airwrap

The amazing accessories I call "soft and smooth comb" are like big board comb, which can create smooth effect. My hair is usually a little frizzy, and a lot of broken hair comes out of the hair. It's not elegant at all. Originally used this accessory is just for a little sorting, easy to better partition when curly hair. But I didn't expect the official product publicity to be true. After using it, the hair was shining brightly. In today's society, it is hard to achieve the same effect as product promotion.

The key is the curling function. Before, I read some videos of beauty bloggers online. Without exception, they said they were not easy to use. Many reviewers say that because of the volume and the roughness of the hair, there is no way to use a Dyson Airwrap for styling. When my sister used it, because her hair was too long, she wrapped it up in half.

Just as skin care products may end up using different products because of individual differences, so do Dyson Airwrap. I didn't expect Dyson Airwrap, which couldn't fit with so many people, but accidentally matched my hair. When I pulled out a lock of hair, I opened Airwrap and raised it to the side of my hair. My hair is perfectly absorbed on the curling stick. As the hand slowly approached the head, the hair slowly rolled up, stayed for a few seconds to put down, and succeeded, a roll came out.

Of course, the soft hair is easy to roll, but it is difficult to maintain. Only 3 hours after the completion, in the absence of hairspray, my hair has basically returned to the original, only the tip of the hair can still see the traces of the roll.

Another disadvantage is that there are too few hairs per roll. Even if I am a sparse person, if I want to roll all my hair, I have to repeat the work for at least thirty or forty times, plus I have to blow it before, and I can't finish it in an hour. Because I am not very skilled, I have to call my sister to help, which is much more efficient than a person's volume. The effect of rolling out is also better. Is the correct usage of Dyson Airwrap a two-person partner?

For the few times I've used a traditional curling bar, the Dyson Airwrap are more natural and the curls are not stiff. But for unskilled people, Dyson's biggest benefit is safety. Because Dyson's curling iron is curled by hot air, the temperature is low, even if it touches the scalp or fingers. Unlike traditional curling irons, the temperature is too high and even the hair is burnt, and it is inevitable to foam.

According to the results of the product used by friends around me, as long as the hair is in the normal range, it is not too hard or too thick, the length is appropriate, and it can be rolled up in strict accordance with the methods of the official propaganda. However, Dyson has not yet developed more patterns, resulting in a single hair style.