silk bedding

Silk pajamas
Silk is composed of protein fiber. It has a soft and smooth texture and a delicate touch. Compared with other fabrics, the coefficient of friction with human skin is only 7.4%. Therefore, human skin will produce a supple and delicate feeling when it comes into contact with silk products. Silk pajamas have natural moisture absorption and moisture release properties, which are unmatched by other artificial fibers. Due to its porosity, silk can absorb moisture or emit moisture in the air, so that it can absorb moisture in a humid environment and can be dehumidified in a dry environment. Therefore, in addition to self-adapting ability, it can also help people's skin or other silk products retain a certain amount of moisture; if wearing silk clothing in summer, it can also quickly dissipate sweat and heat, and it is very breathable, making people feel cool and incomparable.

silk blanket

Silk blanket
Silk blankets are thin blankets that are usually sitting indoors on a bed or on a sofa. There is no strict season of use. Because of its casual use and excellent appearance, it brings a strong romantic atmosphere to the home life, and it is not inferior in terms of functionality. The life of the four seasons can be accompanied. Strong warmth and thick texture. It is mainly used as a bed cover and as an ornament for bed covers or tapestries.

Orose silk

Silk comforter
Silk quilt is a quilt filled with silk. Silk quilt has unique qualities and advantages such as close-fitting warmth, fluffy and soft, breathable health care, deep sleep and so on. Silk is a natural fiber that combines lightness, softness and fineness in nature. It is known as the "second skin of the human body" and is called "Fiber Queen" by the industry. Its main component is pure natural animal protein fiber, its structure is the closest to human skin, 87% is exactly the same, contains a variety of essential amino acids, wind, dehumidification, soothe, nourish and balance human skin efficacy. The silk is smooth, breathable, soft, hygroscopic, non-itching and anti-static, making it a superior material for making close-fitting clothing.