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Characteristics of Chinese silk economy

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With the continuous development of silk industry, China occupies an increasing share in the international market, silk economy also becomes a hot debate. The study of silk economy should not only to study it from the whole national economic system,and also focus on the specific circumstances of the silk economy itself,to grasp its main features.

The main characteristics of Chinese silk economy are systematic,outward,economic, traditional and artistic.

Silk is one of economic subsystems in the national economic system, and it is an organic part of the national economy.It itself is a system that has characteristics of the system.The silk economy is a kind of mulberry, silkworm, cocoon, silk weaving, printing and dyeing, cutting, sales and other elements and, at the same time, it must also have to adapt to the economic development of the silk dyeing machinery, scientific research, education, and other elements of the organic whole.The whole process of a unified economic system is composed of silk of these elements.

Chinese silk has always attached great importance to the development of foreign trade. From the ancient "Silk Road" to the "The Belt and Road", it always transfers beautiful silk products to the world. The Chinese silk economy is to export as the main target, with low cost and high quality,having strong competitiveness in the International silk market,and occupied a lot of market share.

Silk products is the use of its own resources, labor and technology, production of silk goods, to meet the needs of the people around the world.It is a less input, more output and high income economy. Silk economy is the important position of Chinese employment.Development of silk economic provides good conditions for Chinese to transfer from the agricultural population to the industrial population. With the growing domestic and foreign trade of silk, silk economic development has been very impressive.

China is the world's earliest country to invent mulberry, sericulture, silk, silk fabric and the application.It has a long tradition of art technology economy and culture.In the long course of history,diligent and sapiential ancestors summarized the experience while improving the technology,and broadcast the silk technology to many Eurasian countries. China has made important contributions in the international silk economic development and has been praised by the people of all countries.

Silk products have unique artistic charm.In recent years,silk element has appeared in the fashion week, and even becomes the “current standard” of heads of state.It has compatibility of real use and art.

China has favorable conditions for the development of rich resources and labor resources, and also has the international and domestic markets.As long as the effective use of existing resources and markets, constantly innovating,silk economy will be able to further develop.