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What is mulberry silk?

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Mulberry silk, also known as “natural silk”, is a kind of continuous fiber, and the concretion of liquid silk secreted by matured silkworm when cocooning. Similar as wool, it is one of the animal fibers used by human at the earliest.

Chinese Silk Culture

Mulberry silk is the uppermost raw material for silk weaving. It is smooth and soft, and glossy, which makes you feel warm in winter and cool in summer, when rubbing, there is special “silk-sound”phenomenon, it also has perfect extensibility and heat resistance, meanwhile, it is intolerant of erosion in saline water, and not suitable to be treated by decolorizer or detergentwith chlorine.

Mulberry silk is a kind of natural fiber integrating lightness, soft and fineness, generally known as “the second skin of human”. It is mainly composed of pure natural animal protein fiber, and pretty similar with human’s skin in structure, and 87% of which are similar in every detail, it contains multiple amino acids necessary for human, and works for wind prevention, dehumidification, nerve calming, nourishing and skin balance. As natural silk is smooth, ventilating, soft, moisture-retentive, not itching and antistatic, so it is widely used as the superior material for underwear making, meanwhile, the silk-in quilt is also close fitted and warm, fluffy and soft, ventilating and hygienic. In ancient times, the silk quilts were specially used by prominent officials and eminent personages, and members of the imperial house.

Chinese Silk Culture

The long-term study verifies that the special SERJCIN in natural silk is antiallergic and skin-friendly, and the long-term use of silk quilts can prompt the human health.

Five characteristics of OROSE silk products:

a. First, promote sleep. The sericin of silk contains 18 amino acids, which can give off the small molecules, which are also called “sleeping factor”, and the nerve of human can be stable with it. It can promote sleep, strengthen human vigor and slow down senescence.

b. Second, it has perfect cold protection and homoiothermy. The silk quilt is awarded as “Fiber Queen”, which contains the highest “silk volume interspace” in fibers, in cold days, it can reduce thermal conductivity and keep warm with performance better than fur and cotton, in hot days, it can eliminate redundant heat, and then the temperature in the quilt can keep comfortable, and the oversize load and pressure borne by heart and vessels can be reduced when sleeping, in this way, you can sleep with comfort, sweet and health.

c. Third, it has anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and skin-friendly natures. Silk sericin component not only makes skin fine and smooth and glossy, but also has the ability to prevent mites and mold growth, and is more beneficial for allergies.

d. Fourth, prevent rheumatism, arthritis and skin diseases. In natural silk, there isa material, which is called "hydrophilic amino acid ", it can absorb moisture from the air, and eliminate to maintain the dry inside, and comfort. It also is particularly beneficial to rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases.

e. Fifth, silk quilt has strong force andtenacity and elongation and latitude and longitude network structure and cleans up the carcass displacement and hole phenomena in the use process of comforter batt. It can be used in lone time and maintain a comfortable and fluffy feeling.

The vast majority of users of Orose reflect that they do not want to use bedding articles with other textures after using Orose silk series products.