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The use of silk printing and dyeing technology

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According to silk printing and dyeing technology development status and trends in the domestic and foreign countries.In terms of scouring, dyeing, printing and so on, some of the new technology have be successful, China's silk dyeing also has made significant progress.

silk printing and dyeing technology

1. Silk Cold rolled technology

China has transplant the technology from cotton dyeing to silk degumming. The successful application of this technology not only save much water, oxygen and steam, but also greatly reduce the damage caused by conventional refining equipment of silk.It is beneficial for energy-saving, environmental protection and product quality. silk cold rolled industrial value has also been improved.

2. Spray dyeing technology

This technique spread from the foreign to the country.In the dyeing process, dye additives and the gas stream mixes in the high temperature atomizing device,and then atomized dye is sprayed on fabric directly in gaseous form.Due to the constant condensation,the dye is expanded in the fabric surface and penetrates into the inside of the fiber.This is repeated until the stain is completed.The technique shortens the dyeing time, saves energy when used, reduces the cost of sewage treatment and avoids conventional dyeing machine appearing streaky, improving the dyeing quality.Fabric also has a special softness and drape. Compared to before, silk products are with great texture.

3. Pigment printing technology

Pigment printing technology adheres pigment to the surface of fiber printing.Such defect is to make fabric feel harden. In recent years the technology has improved,and slowly began to comply with the requirements of soft silk.It has been widely used in small face printed pattern, a large area of dye printing also use it. Pigment printing process is simple, short while saving time and energy. There are great advantages.

4. CMYK printing technology

Today,only four colors overprint, you can print rich color with the level of the transitional nature of the pattern.In recent years,we have been successful in a pattern or single pieces of CMYK printing. But on continuous printing,there is also a problem which can not be open-access version. Although there are some small problems on image processing computer, tone control, color and other aspects of the actual situation, he improved CMYK printing technology matures.

5. Digital printing technology

Digital printing technology means that computer information printed designs delivery nozzle to a group of dyes, then dye nozzle control opening and closing of the latest technology to complete the textile printing process.However, this technique produces very slow and requires a special dye; being printed fabric requires special treatment,otherwise the flowers will seepage and vague.Today, these problems continue to be amended, digital printing technology in the application of mature silk will around the corner.