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The truth of allergy for Silk quilt

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It is common to see that people are confused about using silk quilt can get allergic easily or not. When people wonder to buy silk quilt or not, people will search the internet first. People who searches online find that lots of them there are skin rash after buying silk quilt for some time and children are easy to get skin rash. Does silk quilt cause choke? Why all these things happen? Why people who haven’t use silk quilt don’t happen these problems? What are the truth?

Actually, it won’t happen these problems if you buy real silk quilt. People who gets allergic easily won’t be allergic if they buy real silk quilt. It is because that the silk is natural and green material. Except special conditions, such as people growing sworm, hanking knotting, they are caused by overtime touching. What are the reasons these conditions happen?

1. It becomes allergen and then make people to get allergic result from unpure silk material
There are various materials of quilt in the market nowadays. Many sellers add additional cheap chemical fibers into the silk quilt for more benefits. It is common to see that they add acrylic fibers in the middle of the silk quilt and make it the real silk around the coner of quilt. This kind of silk quilt will make people get allergic easily, especially for people with sensitive skin.

2. Allergy caused by mite
It is easy for people to get asthma result from allergy caused by mite, especially child. It is because that people haven’t cleaned it after using it, such as changing the covers, basking under the sun. Actually, the mite will full of our beddings after three months. We should bask our bedding under sun as often as possible no matter what season it is. It will be cleaned by ultraviolet light. It is not the unique features of silk quilt. All the silk quilts are the same. Silk quilt are better than other materials.

3. Allergy caused by sericin on surface of waste silk fiber
First, we have to know what are the processes of making silk quilt. Silk quilt is made of silkworm cocoon whose main elements are waste silk fiber. Allergy caused by sericin on surface of waste silk fiber, but we will not get allergic easily if we remove the sericin during process of produce. people with sensitive skin sometimes will show up the sytoms, like rhinitis, urticaria result from touching and breathing waste silk fiber in the air. We should keep ventilation.

4. Allergy caused by mulberry silk
It is not common to see that people are allergic with mulberry silk. If you are, we hope that you don’t choose the silk quilt or you can add another kind of material cover for silk quilt.

The above reasons are most common to see the origin allergen for silk quilt allergy. At most of the time the allergen is not the silk it self, and it is bacuse that we use it unreasonablely. Silk is a natural animal protein. It has natural immunity for most of harmful microbes like mites. It is a material has protection function for people with sensitive skin. The most important thing is to that you have to buy real silk quilt!