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Factors restricting the development of China's Silk Industry at present

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China as the world's largest exporter of silk products, plays an important role in the world silk industry. However, the silk industry prosperity and development has shown many problems. These problems hinder the further development of the silk industry more or less.

Firstly,product orientation

In recent years, with the "The Belt and Road"and silk frequently appearing in major fashion week and other important occasions, the silk market demand for high-end products continues to increase. However, except for a few relatively well-known brands, the vast majority of silk business orientates its products as the low-end products, just to earn the cost of raw materials, processing terminal fees, and high added value is given to foreign enterprises. Market share depends on the quantity,and lack the brand which effects to word of mouth.

Secondly,production equipment is relatively backward

With the market competition intensified, the silk industry is also facing out of the crisis. Many enterprises,especially small silk manufacturers, its products are upgrading slowly,serious equipment aging, technological innovation and so on. For example,digital printing technology can only realize the pattern of printing and dyeing in local small-scale, large range of flower type fuzzy infiltration has not yet been solved.

Thirdly,not enough marketing efforts

Advertising is the effective mean to open the sale of the products, increase product visibility and attract the attention of customers. Whether the old brand, or other emerging brands should be seen"familiar"to people.First impression is the strongest of all kinds of marketing methods through online and offline.This is the first step towards success.

Fourthly, the chaotic market and imperfect industry chain

The reform of early silk industry restructuring started early, slowly and irregularly.Exports of silk products are mostly intermediate products, mainly concentrated in the middle part of the manufacturing processing. The silk clothing industry chain covers raw materials, new product development, production and sales.China exports large raw materials,and processes production.However,it has not made greater improvement in R & D and sales. This affects the improvement of the whole industry chain and its value has not been fully reflected.

Fifthly,serious lack of talent

Silk products are labor-intensive products, but the production technology is still in the development stage, which leads to developers of low pay, lack of R & D personnel. Whether in Jiangsu,Zhejiang, Guangdong or Shanxi,people engaged in this industry are with low cultural level or older age. This industry is lack of fresh blood with a spirit of innovation.

Sixthly,other factors

In addition to the above factors, the supply of raw materials, exchange rate changes, industrial policy, trade barriers and other factors also affect the silk industry.

No matter what kind of factors, they can be constantly overcome. From the entire international silk market,China still maintains a favorable competitive edge. If we can solve the anti factors, then the prospect is even more impressive.