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The development of cultural and creative economy and silk

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Silk is our specialty, once opened in ancient times known as the Silk Road of Chinese and Western trade heyday, Communism and China's first trade exchange. However, with the progress of the times, the development of economy, the development of cultural creative silk, silk that contained in the long history that the profound cultural connotation and Chinese spirit fully excavated, becomes a new topic to the revival of the silk trade. Mufti-dimensional development and broaden the value-added cultural and creative silk, in today's economic and social, silk economic growth has far-reaching implications and significance.

Silk culture, from silk invention to inheritance is full of unique charm of the Chinese nation.Rich historical and cultural connotation, huge innovation and creative space, makes silk culture become a rare carrier of cultural and creative economy.However, due to the inherent economic model of China's silk industry, peasant economy and the manual workshop as the mode of operation, the silk culture has not been valued and well developed, resulting in limited expansion of the silk market.

At present, China's silk of the old way of marketing, has been a serious departure from the new routine and new ideas of current economic system of marketing, not with the material needs of consumers on tight modern spiritual , will not pay attention to the cultural and creative industries to form the brand effect and market strong cohesion.The silk business for rectification, using cultural creativity, from the connotation of multilevel and multi dimension excavated silk products and more innovative and creative spirit, study of silk products, combined with market demand, and adapt to the pace of the times, in order to obtain the considerable development in the foundation of a foothold into the.

Silk products innovation, not only means the innovation of materials and textile technology, more in terms of multi angle excavation of silk products.From the functionality of the silk itself, not only in the original type of production, but also according to the functional properties of silk and the use of features fully horizontal widening. From the decorative silk itself, silk has the beauty and charm of unique Chinese, more precious is the in-tension of the historical connotation.This will be the use of silk culture means, according to these characteristics made decorative works of art, not only with people's life, highlight the taste of consumers, but also can meet the spiritual needs of mass consumption so as to improve the economic value of silk products.

In the current fierce market competition, how to improve product revenue, increase economic value, so that the industry in the wave of the market does not fall behind, is every industry needs to explore and think about the problem.The rise and development of cultural and creative industries provide new ideas for many traditional economic models.Cultural and creative industries, has obviously advantage, such as its unique cultural charm, precise vision of the market, and constantly updated in keeping with the trend of creative concept, more of its strong cultural core, creating market cohesion, have unique advantages of brand effect etc.