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Silk satin shoes

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Silk is noble and elegant, but there is always a sense of distance.Silk makes people feel that it is more suitable for the production of high-end clothing. So it is also hard to get in general life. The general audience is limited to the important days of our lives like birth, death and marriage. Now, whether a star, the rich, or white-collar workers, ordinary workers, all can choose silk shoes. Not only the chic design, but also everyone can put on the flat shoes that no longer are afraid to get close.

silk satin shoes

This pair of ballet silk shoes makes everyone’s shoes comfortable and the following parts of the leg are more attractive. Slender ankles plus delicate straps equals to perfect sexy. That is also the most modern identical equation.

Olivia Palermo puts on a pair of French Sole’s silver satin shoes to attend the VeuveClicquot Polo is easy to said that she wears a provincial garden floral skirt. But the level improves instantly because of these flat shoes.

A lot of people are watching the "desire and the city" to know the brand of ManoloBlahnik, which is the noble of the high-heeled shoes. Square stain shoes are Elegant and chic with sexy lines. It is also called the most comfortable flat shoes in the world. Holding a pair of shoes like this is the dream of every woman.

Embroidered Muller shoes are born from the classic styles in 1990s. Black and amber soft velvet ones are decorated with the flowers and branches and leaves of hand embroidered silk thread. Precious and rare embroidery often takes two days to finish. It shows the unique and exquisite of made in Italy.

Valentino’s rivet pink high-heeled shoes perfectly combine elegance and Avant-garde breath with the charm of light rock. Shoe bottom curve perfect fits the sole.The sense of balance and comfort is great. It is worth buying it. As the highest appearance of Valentino, although rivets this metal texture is very recognizable. A fine with the perfect arc is very sexy.

At first glance it is a pair of ugly shoes. But it becomes beautiful with designer's exquisite ornament. It belongs to the second eye beauty shoes. If you have a long term version, a pair of classic shoes has a high repeat using chances. You can put it on in summer, autumn and spring. It is also an all-match product no matter what styles it is. If you have no idea of matching shoes, you can choose this one without mistakes.

Whether it is fashion week, or the daily wearing of stars, lace up shoes are shown often in people’s eyes. Embroidery shows different national characteristics.Unique design and embroidery patterns of ethnic wind makes the shoes with sense of causal and fashion.

silk satin shoes

Classic suede shoes of Charlotte Olympia have a sense of elegant with the clever mix of black and gold. The width is just suitable that it does not pinch. It has a 1 cm root which is the most comfortable height. Completely flat is not good for legs and walking more will make muscle strain.