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Silk Pillows

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Regular Price: $169.00

priceSpecification $129.00

Quick Overview

made using Orose™
100% pure silk
highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk
certified non-toxic dyes
not all silk pillows are created equal
includes 1 pillow

Orose silk pillow is soft and fluffy with good air permeability, and it antibacterial anti mite, be helpful for sleep.

Sleeping on Orose silk pillow can be as comfortable as sleeping with clouds, it can be comfortable with any sleeping positions.Using Orose silk pillow can make nerves relaxed and stable. From now on, you can say goodbye to restless sleep, silk is nature and pure, it has effective functions on beauty. At night, become a beautiful "sleeping beauty".

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Silk Pillows

Silk Pillows. Mulberry silk filled pillow with cotton shell | Orose silk

Rating: 100/100 based on 12 review(s)
  • Price: 129.00 - In stock
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  • Brand: Orose
  • Sku: Orose2106
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Benefits of Silk Filled Pillow:
Protecting cervical vertebra
If you sleep eight hours a day, one third of your life accompany with pillow. Do you often have the following problems? Is cervical vertebra pain, acid, stiff? Listless work? Is your sleep difficult, shallow, short, many dreams and easy to be awaken? Please pay attention to your pillow. If choice of pillow is improper, the consequence is very serious! 38% of patients with cervical spondylosis in the world was caused by improper pillows! Orose pillow has scientific designs with the high quality of mulberry silk that is soft and comfortable. Orose pillow is close to skin with antibacterial properties, which can effectively protect your head, neck, and give you a healthy sleep.
Antibacterial and anti-mite
Do you know your pillow may hide thousands of mite! During sleep, the sweat, grease and accidentally flow saliva can seep into the pillow and offer the good development conditions for millions of mites, and breed mites! And mulberry silk has effective natural properties of antibacterial anti-mite. It has certain curative effect for skin diseases. Skin care makse sure that you get healthy and comfortable sleep!
Beauty, anti-wrinkle, and health care
Night is the best opportunity for skin to repair itself. Mulberry silk contains 12 kinds of amino acids which are beneficial to the human body, and it can promote vitality of skin cells and prevent hardening of the arteries. The long-term using can prevent skin aging. At the same time, silk has good permeability to be breathable and moisture, and it can be constantly temperature comfortable, balance water vapor flow, but not dry. And it can reach the effect of cosmetic wrinkle resistant. Silk contains a substance called “hydrophilic side amino acid”, which can absorb moisture in the air and rule out. So it has auxiliary curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis.
Prevent static electricity and reduce dust adsorption
Static electricity can adsorb tiny dust and scurfy, the pillow core is dirty over time. And silk protein is a poor conductor of electricity, so it is not easy to generate static electricity. And it can reduce dust adsorption and maintain the clean and sanitation of pillow core for a long time.
Delivery & Returns:
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post addressP.O. Boxes and military addresses (APO, FPO) can be delivered.
Care Instruction:
Machine-washable in lukewarm water (30°C) on most gentle cycle available.
Minimize spin time.Hang dry if possible.
Tumble dry on a cool setting if using drying machine. Avoid drying for extended period of time.
Iron when slightly damp using a cool setting. Always iron on the inside.
  1. Really soft!!! review by Steven Stout on 7/1/2019

    Really soft!!!

  2. Smooth, cool, comfortable review by Kevin on 6/19/2019

    Smooth, cool, comfortable.

  3. Amazing review by Fanny on 6/13/2019

    This feels like a lovely pillow to hug and drop your face into.

  4. Firm, Cool, and Comfy review by Adam on 6/5/2019

    Super soft filling
    Small zipper that stays closed
    Pillow is soft yet firm enough to not let head sink

  5. Firm and comfy review by Aunt on 5/29/2019

    This fits fine in a pillowcase and is very smooth, not lumpy. It gives me lots of support without being too hard or too high.

  6. My favorite pillow ever review by Joel B. Brenner on 4/24/2019

    Best pillow I have ever used, and I have tried many. Used a fully silk one but it was too hard. This one has some fluff which makes it much more comfortable. I sleep mostly on stomach and it works great, also comfortable on side and on back.

  7. Comfortable and Allergy Relieving review by L. Columbus on 4/23/2019

    My wife loves this pillow. She and I both suffer from allergies and this pillow seems to help significantly. Apparently pure silk is a natural anti-allergy agent and is also resistant to mites. The pillow is very well made and comfortable.

  8. Luxurious review by Gill on 4/19/2019

    It has a very soft feel, but holds its shape very well.

  9. Great Pillow, I Really Like It!! review by Audrey on 4/16/2019

    This is a very soft and very comfortable pillow, I've slept excellent using this for the last 2 weeks. I'm using this with the same companies silk pillow case and the combination is awesome.
    It came well packaged and there was no chemical smell etc.

  10. Luxurious review by Michael on 4/12/2019

    This really does feel luxurious!

  11. Soft review by Nini on 4/11/2019

    The OROSE Silk Filled Pillow is so soft and very comfortable.

  12. silk works great if both cover and filling are silk review by pk on 3/28/2019

    bought more than one size. the toddler was perfect for me - just a little smaller than a standard and just a little thinner (which i love). The standard was good - just a little too thick for me. the queen was too thick for sleeping, but works well as a back pillow for reading. I am a side sleeper. this is my 6th or 7th brand of a silk pillow for me. only the kumi cocoon is better, but it is 6 times more expensive.

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What’s the difference between satin and silk?
1. Silk is a type of natural fabric made from silkworm cocoons, while satin is a weave, which means that there are in fact satin silk, although it's safe to say that 99% of the satin products sold on the market at low prices are not made with silk, but with polyester instead.
2. Usually, Satin pillowcases which haven’t mentioned silk are pillowcases made from some non-silk fabrics. They are much cheaper than silk pillowcases.
3. 100% mulberry silk pillowcases can be made of satin weave or charmeuse weave, silk fabric will bring people huge health benefits, while synthetic satin is rougher.

Sleep in the SPA?

Silk is a kind of ecological pollution-free natural fibers. With fiber and other processed products irreplaceable unique properties and incomparable exuberant vitality. Consumers will silk as the “source” of beauty. So, what are the advantages of silk products?

Long-term keep hair style

Silk protein is a poor conductor of electricity, so it does not produce static electricity. And it also won’t gather dust caused by. It can be clean all the time, it can also effectively keep the hair style not disorder at the same time.

Suitable for skin and resist allergy, good for sweet sleep

Silk is highly similar to keratin protein’s structure in human body, which is widely used to make artificial blood vessels and artificial skin. And it will not produce allergy.

Humidity-absorbing and breathable

Moisture absorption of silk is 1.5 times than cotton. Silk protein contains hydrophilic factor such as amino acids. Their porous features make the water molecular diffuse easily, so silk can absorb or emit water molecules.