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How to improve the quality of sleep

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One third of each person’s life time spent on sleeping, so sweet sleep has a lot of benefits. Sleep can eliminate fatigue, protect the brain and restore the physical strength. It also can enhance immunity, anti-aging and make the skin beauty.So, how can we get good sleep?

1. A regular bedtime

Sleep and wake up on time. If you hold on good habits, your sleep will be better and better.

2. Turn off all lights

Even if there is only a glimmer of light, it can interfere with sleep, including TV, computer screen light, even a dim yellow light from the hall. Turn all them off, you can get a good sleep. If you cannot avoid the light, you can choose to wear a sleep mask to fall asleep.

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3. Choose good exercise time

Regular physical exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night, but you had better not do too intense sport before going to bed.

4. Eating light food before sleeping

It is difficult to digest before going to bed and it can easily make you indigested, also will make you continually get up to go to the toilet at night. You can eat some delicate food two hours before going to bed, which can help you sleep better.

5. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink alcohol

Occasionally, it’s nothing to bubble in the evening. But just don’t keep the habits to drink a glass of wine or smoke before getting to bed. Alcohol and nicotine are stimulants. They will not only make you toss and turn, and difficulty in sleeping, also make you unable to enter the deep sleep, which make sleep not steadfast.

6. Choose the right pillow to sleep soundly

To ensure that your pillow height fit and comfort, and it is suitable for your sleeping positions. The choice of pillow is very different for people like to sleep lying down and people like to sleep by side.

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7. Get away from coffee and spicy food before bedtime

Whether you don’t drink a cup of latte you can’t hold on in the morning? It doesn’t matter, let’s drink. But keep in mind that after the sun upset don’t touch anything caffeinated. Don’t eat spicy and greasy foods, because these foods can also interfere with sleep.

8. Keep a good mood

Avoid anxiety and irritable mood and maintain a good state of mind. It is very helpful for sleep.