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knowledge about mulberry silk

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1. What is Momme ?

Momme is the main unit of measurement of silk material, commonly used in foreign trade. 1 Momme = 4.3056 g/m2. Momme is weight unit rather than the thickness unit. In general, the greater number of Momme, silk uses more raw materials with the higher cost. But it cannot be simply though that the fabric gram weight is heavier, the fabric is better.

For the same or similar varieties, such as silk crepe satin. If the fabric gram weight is higher, the cost will be relatively higher, and things are relatively better.

For a completely different fabric varieties, the meaning of comparison on the gram is not very big, because the requirement of suitable clothing styles and designers are also different. For example, such as georgette with 8 Momme and silk with 30 Momme, if used for silk scarves, georgette with 8 Momme may be more suitable for silk scarves, and heavy crepe with 30 Momme is not suitable.

2. What is mulberry silk?

Mulberry silk is continuous long fiber when the silkworm cocoon silk liquid secrete solidification, which is a natural animal protein fiber. It is one of the earliest use of human animal fiber and it is a kind of silk of the highest quality.

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