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How to identify the mulberry silk

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1. Usually there are three ways

a) Burnish feels
Silk fabric has light absorption performance. It is soft and grace like a bright pearl. And it feels soft. When grasping by hand, there will be wrinkles; Emulation silk fabric is treated with nut off. It feels soft, but the silken face dark without pearl luster; Chemical fiber fabric is bright and dazzling, but it feels proofed. In addition, silk products should have slightly scratch hand feeling. When making two layers of fabric will produce “si si “ sound, and other raw materials of fabric is not.

b) Combustion method
Spare parts yarn burning, real silk cannot see flame and have the flavor of the hair, silk becomes black grainy, which can be crushed by hand; Emulation silk encounters fire flame, have the smell of plastic, the edge will be hard rubber piece after the fire.

c) Solution Method
Using alkaline sodium hypochlorite solution for dissolution test. If it’s pure silk, the silk will gradually disappear by alkaline sodium hypochlorite solution after three to five minutes in the alkaline sodium hypochlorite solution.

How to identify the mulberry silk