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How to distinguish mulberry silk and tussah silk?

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The difference of mulberry silk and tussah silk:

Silkworm, namely "bombyx mori” refers to the domesticated leaf-eating silk worm egg. Its silkworm cocoon is as white as the body skin and like lenitive jade, and is advanced raw material for making silk articles.

Tussah with an alias of “wild silkworm”, mainly eats“oak leaves”, is cultivated in the field and one of the important varieties of wild silkworms. Its body skin is green, gray, silkworm cocoon is also gray, blue or black. It is also been used to make silk products.

mulberry silktussah silk

Difference I. Different silkworm cocoon colors

Silkworm mainly eats mulberry leaves and is silkworm; and tussah mainly eats oak leaves. The cocoons of silkworms are glittering and translucent white mainly. Tussah cocoons are mainly dark brown, dark bluish grey.

Difference II. Different processing technologies

Mulberry silk (cocoon) shows natural white, when making silk quilt, no chemical bleaching process is needed. So that a true and genuine pure natural silk quilt must regard mulberry cocoon as raw material, which is the unique raw materials.

Tussah silk (cocoon) is different from Mulberry silk (cocoon). Often “fluorescent brightener” is added for fading and chemical blenching always. The modern science has proven that fluorescent agent has a carcinogenic effect on the human body and damages health.

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Difference III. Different silk floss colors

Mulberry silk shows natural milk white, if you look carefully, you will find a little touch of green or yellow, and the overall has bright luster. The bleached tussah silk is also white, but the white is like white paper and is very regular white.

Difference IV. Different fiber diameters

"Fiber diameters" are different, which means the thicknesses of the fiber are different informally. In addition to the warm, flexibility and ventilation, weight is one of the evaluation indexes. With same quality, same effect, the light quilt is better than the heavy one, and otherwise, it will be the same as the thick cotton blanket, which are heavy for people to breath. With the same volume, the weight of the Mulberry silk is smaller than that of the tussah silk, which is affected by the different silk cotton fibers. The Mulberry silk fiber diameter is 8 microns and that of the tussah silk is more than 70 microns, nearly 9 times of that of the Mulberry silk.

Difference V. Different fiber lengths and toughness

Toughness and length of fiber determine the methods of the fiber for forming quilt. At present, there are machine-made and manual methods. The Mulberry silk belongs to long fibers, is like the very flexible rubber band, and has superior elasticity and toughness. It can be extended in 10 times without fracture. A tiny silk cocoon will not be fractured, even if it is pulled to the area of the whole quilt. So that it is more suitable for making manually pulled silk quilts. The fiber of the tussah silk is short, its elasticity and toughness are worse, so that most of the machine-made silk wadding quilts are made by tussah silk.

Difference VI. Different touch hand feelings

If the core of the quilt agglomerates quickly, the quilts with agglomerated hard lumps are not comfortable and heat proof certainly, but silk can be a good solution to this problem.Its high-quality microfiber determines its supple nature, and fiber distribution is in order. When touching with hands, it is silky and without hard lumps. When touching tussah silk, it is dry, coarse, and the fibers have uneven distribution.

To sum up, tussah silk can yet be regarded as an advanced textile material, but when being processed into silk quilts, it is inferior.

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