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G20 summit — An encounter with silk

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People cross thousands of miles to Hangzhou half for the west lake and half for silk. It points to the importance of the silk at the G20 summit in Hangzhou. From the soft-mounted promotion of silk at main meeting places, to the innovative use of new material-silk; From liberal presentation of silk art, to delicate expression of heads of state and their wives' souvenirs, which silk passes to the world is fashion, trend, but also a unique Chinese flavor.

At the G20 summit in Hangzhou on September 4, silk's excellent performance at the state dinner astonished audiences: on banqueting house's hall, there is a giant panorama silk mural which is 6 meters in height , 20 meters in length, it displays magnificent natural scenery of the west lake, it is also the nation's largest silk mural derived from the ink and wash painting named "splendid west lake", the mural is a hand-drawn painting by a senior painter spending more than 20 days.

G20 summit silk

Scroll invitation cards, names at each table, programs, menus, table numbers were all printed on silk; Even while heads of state and their spouses and guests are watching the artist program called "best memory in Hangzhou", packages placed before then are silk.

Menus and the program are finally decided to be printed on silk...

G20 summit silk

Scroll invitation cards to heads of state at the G20 summit's welcome dinner.

G20 summit silk

Names at each table at the G20 summit's welcome dinner.

G20 summit silk

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