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Orose silk products will appear fade

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Poor silk fabric color fastness is a common defect of silk fabric, but Orose adopts advanced technology to ensure that the product colors do not fade for each piece of silk fabric dyeing and printing.

At the same time, using the correct washing and maintenance methods can let the real silk products not fade.

a) Strongly recommend hand washing, hand washing needs to rub gently, dehydration cannot directly put into the washing machine. They should be packed into mesh bag or with a piece of cloth don’t fade in color to dry. So there will be no deformation.

b) Fabric washing raw materials is also key choice. You had better choose neutral detergent when washing silk fabric. Do not use detergent and alkaline detergent. Neutral detergent doesn’t hurt silk fiber. Washing water temperature should not be too high, below 30 degrees Celsius. The same color clothes can be washed together. If the colors are not the same, they must be separated when washing.

c) Drying is also very important for silk fabric after washing, silk fabric after washing must be ventilated dry in the shade, which cannot be dried in the sun. After drying to 70%-80% percent dry, use steam iron to iron. If besmirch is much, the silk clothing had better get a professional dry cleaner.

fade silk

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