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How to use the silkworm cocoon for beauty

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The using method :

1) You can use it after washing face or when bathing.

2) Before using, please rinse with warm water.

3) Soak for 5 minutes in 50 degrees warm water.

4) When natural cocoon ball has been filled with water and become soft, you can use it.

5) Cover on soft cocoon ball with your index finger, massage gently in the skin you care.

6) And then please use low irritating moisturizing lotion.

Note: When the natural cocoon ball is soaked into the warm water, it will have a peculiar smell. There are black foreign matters in silkworm cocoon, which is normal phenomenon. Please don’t worry about it. Skin conditions or physical condition is not good, please stop using it. Please use after discharging makeup, and after washing face. Please be careful if you have sensitive skin. Please don’t frequent use or too hard.