Winter is coming. Is silk quilts well or down quilts? Today we are going to explain this content to you in order to facilitate the purchase.

silk comforter

Three differences between silk and down

The moisture absorption of silk is higher than that of down, and the water repellency of down is higher than that of silk.
Silk is more breathable than down, and down is warmer than silk.
The silk is more close to the down, and the down is lighter than the silk.

Because of these three differences, so silk quilt and down quilt in winter use advantages are also different; therefore, when choosing cover silk quilt or down quilt, the key depends on the environment.

Cold and wet, pick down quilts.

Under cold and humid conditions, do not choose strong moisture absorption quilt, because it will increase the heat storage time of the quilt, you need to use the body temperature to dry the moisture in the quilt. There is a layer of grease on the down fiber, which acts as a water repellent, so there is no need to worry about the down being wet and not affecting the warmth.


Due to its high bulkiness and fast heating time, the down duvet is resistant to moisture and reduces heat storage time. It is light and comfortable, so it is suitable for use in cold and humid environments.

Heating environment, choose silk quilt

Heating and floor heating will keep the indoor temperature above 20 degrees, but will make the indoor humidity drop sharply, thus leading to dry skin, itching and other phenomena. At this time, you can choose silk quilt, because it has good moisture absorption and moisturizing properties, can alleviate the phenomenon of dry skin.


Silk is absorbed and moisturized to alleviate skin problems caused by dry weather, and has good adhesion, can better protect the skin; suitable for use in a warm environment.