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The difference between silk sheets and satin sheets


The appearance of the satin fabric is very similar to that of the silk fabric, but the satin fabric generally uses cotton or chemical fiber as the main production material, and satin fabric is mainly used as the production fabric of women's wear, underwear, pajamas and satin fitted sheet.

the difference between silk sheets and satin sheets

Features of the satin fabric:

1. The satin silk sheet has a good sense of drape and luster. The good visual experience and silk- like touch make the satin popular with the majority of consumers. In addition, the Satin has a very wide range of uses and broad market demand, making this kind of fabric popular soon.

2. Whether cotton or polyester or other chemical fibers are used as raw materials, the dyeing and fixation properties of the queen size satin sheets are excellent, and the purple satin sheet will naturally have brilliant colors and eye-catching appearance.

3. The degree of tear resistance of the satin fabric is excellent, and it will not shrink or pilling when wearing and washing normally, so it is convenient to take care of.

4. Generally, anti-static treatment will be done during the processing of satin fabric, so that the fabric will not absorb dust or cause irritation to the skin.

Price of satin fabric:

a) The price of satin fabric is not expensive, generally $10 to $20 per meter, the specific price is determined by the composition and function of the fabric.

b) Silk fabrics belong to high-grade textiles, so the price of silk fabrics will naturally be more expensive. In addition to being used in the production of clothing, silk fabrics can also be used to produce home textile products, such as silk quilt, silk sheets, silk pillowcase, etc. In order to make you have a deeper understanding of silk fabrics, this paper introduces this kind of fabrics according to the characteristics of silk fabrics.

silk sheets and satin sheets

Features of silk fabrics:

1.Silk belongs to natural fiber. This kind of fabric is non-toxic and pollution-free and can degrade naturally in the environment. The fabric has very good drapability. The silk dress is light and elegant. The excellent three-dimensional feeling can make the wearer. Of course, the price of the silk dress is also relatively expensive.

2.Silk fabrics are soft and have outstanding performance in moisture absorption and air permeability. This kind of fabric is suitable for wearing close to the body. At the same time, the warmth retention of the fabric is better than that of pure cotton, which is also the reason why silk is used to produce quilts. Silk fiber is a kind of protein fiber. The fabric contains protein beneficial to body and mind, which can promote the vitality of skin cells and blood circulation.

3.At the same time, the silk cloth also has the effect of UV protection, which can shield more than 99% of the UV, so it will not be sunburned in the hot summer.

4.Of course, mulberry silk fabrics also have some defects. The wear resistance of this fabric is more general. Pulling or hooking can easily cause damage. At the same time, the fabric is prone to yellowing after using it for a long time. It is also more particular about washing. Incorrect The washing method will greatly shorten the service life of the fabric.

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