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How will you choose your sleep mate — silk pillowcase


advantages of silk pillowcases

Silk, honored as “the second skin of human beings”, is becoming a healthy, eco-friendly, elegant, and trendy factor of fashion.

Orose real silk pillowcases, 100% mulberry silk, handmade only with elaborate manufacture, highest quality, and most reasonable price.

What are you hesitating at?

The equipment carried by foreign top models, the silk pillowcases!

Owning a suitable Orose real silk pillowcase will solve all problems above!

How long have you changed your pillowcase since last time? Are you still wondering which type of pillowcase to choose? Are you bothering by the messy hairstyle when waking up at morning?


1. Like a queen, like the rest!

Model, top star, nobilities, fashion expert all fall in love with real silk pajamas. Orose real silk pajama is handmade by 100% natural mulberry silk, with smooth texture, permeable and cool feelings, and luxurious look. With Orose real silk pajama, you’ll be more elegant and attractive!

2. Silk makes you sexier

Women are as soft as silk. The soft of woman dissolve the man’s masculinity, and then we have a harmonious world. Women can show their voluptuous figure with Orose silk sleepwear to meet their lovers.

3. Make your skin younger and healthier

Do you know that a pure silk eye mask equals a bottle of eye cream in anti-aging your delicate eye skin?  Plus, a pure silk pillowcase is better than the expensive night cream in skin & hair care!

Almost all the celebrities and stylists know this beauty secret!

Mulberry silk is a kind of multiporous fiber, excelling in heat preservation, moisture absorption and air permeability. It can adjust the moisture of skin, keeping a clean skin. The silk fiber has 18 types of amino acids similar to those of human skin, thus promoting the vitality of epithelial cell, preventing angiosclerosis, and nourishing the skin.

sleep silk pillowcases

4. Say goodbye to your Morning Mess Hair

Annoyed with your bed head when wake up every morning? Using Orose silk products, say goodbye to your morning mess hair!

Real silk protein is a poor conductor of electricity, and produces no static electricity. Meanwhile, it will not attract ashes from static electricity and keep itself clean all the time, thus prevent the messing of hairstyle.

5. Enjoy baby-like sleep

Mulberry silk has affinity to skin, and is permeable to air; it is also light and comfortable, with a excellent ability of moisture keeping and heat preservation. Choose Orose silk bedding, enjoy baby-like sleep!

6. Humidity-absorbing and breathable

Moisture absorption of silk is 1.5 times than cotton. Silk protein contains hydrophilic factor such as amino acids. Their porous features make the water molecular diffuse easily, so silk can absorb or emit water molecules.

Orose Silk
Orose Silk