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How to wash the bloodstain on pure silk?



Now we can look at this in detail.

Methods of cleaning silk stained with blood:

1. Fresh blood: Silk sheets that has just been stained with fresh blood can be washed away. Wash in clean cold water, preferably with some detergent.

2. The blood stain area is small: Use ginger to scrub blood stains so they don't leave a mark, or drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the blood spot (also can wash with carrot juice), can remove blood quickly.

3. Blood stains that long time passed: If the blood has been a long time, you can use lemon juice and salt water to wash, until the blood stains removed, then rinse the silk with water.

4. Whether old or new blood stains, can be rubbed with sulfur soap to clean, also can remove blood stains.


How to store pure silk?

1.Avoid light: pure silk dress is very afraid of strong light, the intense sunlight will not only make the silk fabric brittle, but also fade the color and darken the luster. So keep silk clothes out of the light.

2. Ventilation: silk fabrics have very good hygroscopic, if not ventilation, clothes are easy to return to the damp, mildew, especially in the season of high temperature and humidity, need to take out the closes for ventilation and airing often.

3. Do not press: silk clothing crepe easily, and it is difficult to lay flat because of too soft, so usually hang up for storage. Or fold them up and put them on top of your closet to prevent permanent wrinkles.

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