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How to aviod bedding yellowing after long use?And how to deal with that ?


How to aviod bedding yellowing after long use

"The bedding that bought last year, how to turn yellow when I took out this year ?"
"Why it's yellowing while I haven't used it yet?"
"After sleeping naked for a month or so, the sheets turned yellow"
Do you also have such doubt and trouble, it is the quality problem of home spin product or your own deposit problem?

1.Fiber degradation

Fiber degrades due to the effects of heat, light, other radiation, chemicals, and biodegradation.


Such as yellowing and colorization caused by the addition of softeners, oils, lubricants, resins, fluorescent brighteners, and metallic compounds.

3.Atmospheric pollutant

Such as yellowing caused by the effects of oxides such as nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, and ozone.

4.Transmitted pollutants

The original yellow pigment of yellowing is transmitted to the fabric from contact paper, cardboard, plastic film or plastic wrap, and pumice used for millstone washing.

5.Consumer pollutants

Substances metabolized during sleep such as lactic acid and salivary amylase, such as sweat and saliva, react with fabrics, and residues from household washing and bleaching.

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Measures to prevent yellowing:

1.Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.

2.Keep the bed dry during storage,bedding turns yellow in the wet state much more than in the dry state.

3.Before the storage of the last wash, need to add more rinsing times, to avoid the residue of detergent.

4.When stored, do not contact with materials such as leather and leather belts that contain phenolic antioxidants.Avoid using brown paper, brown cardboard, plastic film, thermo-shrink plastic film packaging and storage bedding containing phenol antioxidants.

How to deal with after yellowing?

If you want your bed to be white again, you have to find a way.First of all, suggest that we do not use 84,84 is oxidation bleaching, will make the fabric body oil and other organic carbonization, it will destroy the fabric fiber composition.Here are some simple tips.

1.Water being washed by rice + orange peel,Simple and effective.

Keep the water being washed by rice or orange peel into the pot with water and boil them, then soak the yellowing quilt cover among them, and rub can let its restore white easily.Not only simple, but also unlike the fluorescent whitening agent sold on the market, which can cause side effects on the skin without harming the fabric, it is a good way to try.

2.Remove sweat stains from perspiration with ammonia.

Sweat stains caused by perspiration, which tends to coagulate in cloth fibers because of the sweat containing fat.So add about 2 tablespoons of ammonia water when washing, soak for a few minutes, scrub, and then wash with clean water, according to the general procedure, you can remove the yellow sweat stains! ​

What else should we pay attention to?

The first point of bedding preservation is clean and dry.Because most good bed article is pure natural plant fiber, if catharsis is not clean or dry insufficient, easily cause insect to eat, yellow or bad.

By the way, just to remind, you can try to use activated carbon as a desiccant to put in the collection of bedding, because activated carbon has the function of hygroscopicity, deodorization, the maintenance of bedding is also helpful!

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