Silk is a kind of natural fiber that combines lightness, softness and fineness in nature. Its main component is purely natural animal-protein fiber containing a variety of essential amino acids. Silk quilts which are filled with silk has the advantages of being breathable, anti-acarids and skin-friendly. It is suitable for all seasons because it keeps warm in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, the silk quilt is an absolutely green, environmentally friendly and healthy product.

silk comforter

It is well known that long-term use of silk quilts whose feature is healthy and environmentally friendly can promote health. Among all fabrics of home textile, silk is of course the first choice for adults. However, is silk also suitable for children?

1. Helping with sleep.

The sericin component of silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids which can emit fine molecules called "sleep factors" to keep human nerves in a stable state. It can improve sleep quality and delay aging by reducing the load and pressure in the heart and blood vessels during sleep.

2. Superb cold-resistance and temperature-constancy.

Silk is known as "queen of fiber" and contains maximum "silk volume airgap" among all fibers. Its feature of reducing the thermal conductivity makes its quality of heat-preservation is better than that of feather or cotton when it is cold; it sheds unnecessary heat in warm weather. In this way, the temperature inside silk quilts can be comfortable, which avoids the problem that children often kick quilts.

3. Characteristics of anti-acarids, anti-bacterium, anti-allergy and being skin-friendly.

Sericin in silk helps to keep the human skin delicate and smooth as well as to prevent the multiplication of acarids and mildew. So the silk quilt is the best choice for allergic skins.

4. Resistance to rheumatism, arthritis and dermatitis.

The component in natural silk called “hydrophilic lateral amino acid” can absorb and eliminate moisture in the air to maintain the quilt dry and comfortable, which is especially beneficial for preventing rheumatism, arthritis and dermatitis.

silk comforter

Accordingly, it is recommended to use totally hand-made silk comforters in consideration of babies’ delicate skin. If babies use purely silk quilts, it will definitely bring a lot of benefits to babies’ body and sleep.