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Silk Culture

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Silk is the typical symbol of traditional old Chinese culture. Chinese silk has written glorious chapters of China. Silk has made an indelible contribution to the development of human civilization of the world.Chinese silk is famous for its excellent quality, exquisite color and rich cultural connotation.

Thousands years ago,the silk was sent out to Europe through Silk Road. Not only does it bring colorful costumes, jewelry, but also it brings ancient and splendid civilization of the Orient. From that time,silk has become the symbol of the eastern civilization.

As the origin of world silk industry,There are many myths and legends related to this in China, such as Can ma myth, ancient Luo teach people. Most of them are the styles of fresh and plain. It has the simple concept of growing silkworm of ancient Chinese. It also reflects the strong sense of love for silk. China is the birthplace of the home of silk. Silk reeling is the most achievement on usage of fiber. Early in the Neolithic age, China has invented silk weaving and dyeing technology of cinnabar. With the development of technology and various types of silk, ancient China is famous for its advanced silk weaving technology all over the world.

Silk culture is the sum of material wealth and spiritual wealth created by people in the process of silk production and life practice. It is reflected on silk related historic record, cultural remains, poems,arts and crafts, embroidery products, sculpture and painting, religious beliefs, customs and etiquette, silk production. Silk culture is one of the most important culture of Asia and an unique part of world culture.

Through the long history, Chinese silk has been deeply penetrated into all aspects of society and has important effect on daily life. It is also known as special feature of culture and becomes the essence of the treasure of Chinese culture. Not only does the development of ancient silk make people life in rich, but also it has enriched the expression form and connotation of many other art, such as, poem, art, dancing and so on. We can find the connection related to silk in many aspects of the world. The famous Silk Road is communication link between east and west which covers culture, business, trade. It improves the trade and enhance the friendship between east and west. China was famous for its silk and had the nickname‘Seres’.

It is obvious that we can silk culture promotes textile industry a lot. The local silk culture improves local textile industry which proceed a series of innovation and reform on the basis of old one, so that it raises labor efficiency. People create new types of textile. Western silk culture has more effect on development and innovation on local industry. The king of western country tried their best to develop their local textile industry when Chinese silk come into their local market. The culture spread isn’t simple copy. It continues to be rich, such as western European make full use of its scientific technology and mix it with Chinese silk. They become the forerunner of modern industry.

As one of the great inventions of ancient China, the silk road has contributed a lot to the world culture. Foreign culture also come to China through the Silk Road and make the local culture more colorful. Silk, as a ‘messenger of peace’ has played a key role in the diplomacy of all countries. as a breakthrough solution, silk trade or exchange silk can strengthen the ties between countries. It also maintains the peaceful relationship. It provides perfect environment for developing world civilization.