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Silk Cheongsam

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Cheongsam is a dream dress for every woman. Cheongsam is a harmonious unity with the outside of the typical national costume, as representatives of Chinese clothing culture. It shows the Chinese women virtuous , elegant, gentle, good humor and temperament.

We don't need to talk about how Chinese woman show their beauty of body and uniqueness first. The various styles of cheongsam are countless. With the development of the society, the cheongsam changed a lot and mix the style of western countries, such as Wearing the cheongsam with coat. Some of them change some parts of the cheongsam, for instance, collars, lotus leaf sleeves, slipping at the side,stripe print pattern with lace tape, and dress. All the changes for cheongsam can be accepted. Wearing a scarf and peral necklace are splendid choice for women to wear cheongsam. Lots of western supper choose to wear cheongsam to show their beauty of body nowadays. Great minds think alike.

1. Madonna
As an eternal youth of life, Madonna choose to wear typical Chinese red cheongsam. This cheongsam of full of Chinese special features. The embroider on this cheongsam is Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemum bring us the feeling of comfort and long year's cultural accumulation. Although red means different things in different cultures, the men were consistent in finding women in red more attractive. Red represents a festival and peaceful national spirit. The perfect merge of red and personal characteristics.

Silk Cheongsam Women

2. The girl,one was named Hermione Granger, the other Emma Watson. We still remember her Excellent performance in the movie. She is so delicate, like a hibiscus coming out of water and so inviting, like a rose in bud that it can make people hold a breath. She has really excellent IQ and EQ. She is walking towards us with silk cheongsam. This silk cheongsam makes her smooth skin, gorgeous appearance and elegant temperament embody beauty.

Silk Cheongsam Women

3. Socialite Paris Hilton wears an improved red silk cheongsam. Instead of splitting aside, it makes splitting in front. Chinese embroidery is an exquisite craft, famous for its long history, and is internationally loved. This silk cheongsam make Hilton so curvaceous.

Silk Cheongsam Women

4. Anne Hathaway
She is admirable, cute and kind. This blue cheongsam with light makeup look matches with each other perfectly. It seems the elegant of her comes from her inner beauty.

Silk Cheongsam Women

5. Nicole kidman
Nicole kidman is a dream lover for us. She wears Chinese and western style silk cheongsam. The eastern red with delicate embroidery shows the extreme beauty of her. She looks like an angel. The necklace lays flat on collar and adds glamour to even the simplest silk cheongsam. It shows the fascinating curve of the female, full of the charm and luster.

Silk Cheongsam Women

Orose silk bring the extreme comfort and charming. Devote to life, devote to nature.