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Newfangled silk scarf

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There are various of silk products. Silk scarf, can be known as the earliest silk products, and now it has a newfangled function. It is the newest choice for ladies to walk to the fashion way. No matter what the seasons are, sunny spring, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter, silk scarf definitely help you out of the normal guys. Now, I can’t help myself to recommend you several ways to use silk scarf.

First, silk scarf with bag

There is a silk scarf on the handle of bag. It covers the bag handle completely. Not only does it keep the style of brief, capable, but also it adds fashion elements to the plain color bag through its bright color. It also makes the boring life to be fun.

Not only should we pay attention to color of silk scarf, but also the different skills to tie silk scarf. It will shows up totally different charm. Such as the following ways:

The different tied ways and color with same bag can take different sense of fashion to the bag itself. If we called the first silk scarf bag as an mature office lady, we can call this bag as a mischievous girl. The bow style of silk scarf brings the cute and warm to others. We can show different personalities through tying silk scarf.

Compared with above two tying ways of silk scarf, leopard print silk scarf is more tend to be casual. It makes the owner of bag look more outgoing and chase freedom. Black bag seems more steady and strong. Leopard silk scarf shows freedom inner. The American California style is rushing to you with happiness and freedom.

Newfangled silk scarf Newfangled silk scarf Newfangled silk scarf

I want to introduce you another fun ways of silk scarf, headscarf.

Brown and leopard print silk scarf with golden hair shows Bohemian style! Silk is soft and silky, and it echo each other with hard hair at a distance. The whole modeling reeks attributive smell. It is an unique fashion style in the hot summer.

Newfangled silk scarf

Are you too bored with black ring and stupid pony tail? A silk scarf can help you leave away the housewife hair. Life and work are super busy and everything are in s rush. You will still look charming with silk scarf and say goodbye to sloppy housewife. A silk scarf help you to change right now!

Silk scarf has an alternative way to show you! Sun protection, covering the unmake up face, and escaping the paparazzi. Are you bored with a clumsy denial resulting in self-exposure of black and white mask? Silk scarf covers face and help keep superstar perform! Shoot two hawks with one arrow!

Newfangled silk scarf

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