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How to choose your pajama?

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After a day’s work, a lot of women are too tired to care about what they wear when going to bed, however, please do not ignore the feeling of your partner because of your exhaustion. If you are in bad mood or feel tired, you could think about that is it that troublesome to change the pajama? A little bit of your efforts might get more rewards back!

A soft and comfortable pajama can make you charming and sexy.
You will find that you would have a better sleeping wearing a pajama that makes you feel good, and your partner will appreciate it, too.
Then, how do women choose a suitable pajama? In addition to taking into account the appearance and personal preferences, we also have to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Real silk fabric is the best
Silk pajamas are light and soft, elastic, hygroscopic, breathable, comfortable, and don’t irritate the skin. Cotton pajamas are also very comfortable, but the breathability, beautiful degree, and the benefits to the skin is not as good as silk pajamas. Man-made fiber fabric can easily cause skin allergies and itching symptoms, so it is not suitable for pajamas.

2. The color of pajama should be elegant and light
From the point of view of health, dark atmosphere makes it difficult to relax, thus interfere the rest. Elegant color has an effect of making you calm, it is more advantageous for sleeping.

3. Choose big enough pajamas
Big pajamas can ensure the maximum comfort and improve sleep quality. If you worry that it would look bloated to wear big pajamas, you can choose the fitted style, as long as the you make sure that your body don’t have the sense of restraint.
It should be noted that you must not buy pajamas with obvious bad smell, these bad smell is remained because of unsolved problems in the process of garment processing, and is harmful to health.

Orose silk pajama is made of 100% natural mulberry silk, being healthy, environmentally friendly and beneficial to the body and mind, it is your best choice!