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Health care - silk sleep cap

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Benefits of silk sleep cap:

a. Be cold-proof,keep warm and promote sleep: sleep in a hat, and it is beneficial for cold protection and warm keeping. A research by Sweden physiologistverifies that for a person sleeping in socks and cap, the vessels of lower limb, head and neck are diastolic, the blood is unobstructed, and it takes no time to fall asleep, in this way, some intractable insomniacs can recover without medicine.

b. It is beneficial to keep the head temperature and reduce heat loss (75% of human heat emits from head), sleeping in socks and cap is helpful for prevent cold, bronchial asthma and avascular necrosis on limbs as diabetes mellitus; what’s more, sleeping in cap can also avoid the formation of thrombus, and greatly decrease the morbidity of cerebral infarction. Meanwhile, it is also helpful to prevent cold, bronchial asthma and avascular necrosis on limbs as diabetes mellitus.

c. If you sleep in a sleep cap, you can still keep the hair style when getting up in the morning, as you cannot muss the hair style while turning over in sleep. It is also useful for the girls with long hair. If the hair falls, the situation that the bed is covered with hairs can be avoided.

d. A long-term use of true-silk sleep cap can keep the hair more glossy. The real silk is made of natural silk, do you remember that the smell of natural silk burnt is same as that of hair burnt, as both of them are protein constituted. So the true-silk is most skin-friendly!

Reference factors for selection of silk sleep cap:

a. Good breathability. Human’s fair also requires a smooth air environment, and breathing; a stuffy sleep cap may sour the hair when wearing in a long time. So that the sleep cap in common fabric is poor in this aspect though it is cheaper in price.

b. Good tightness. The sleep cap shall fit your headfor fear of falling off, especially when you do some cleaning or turn over in sleep. As the head circumferenceis different for everyone, so try to select the style with adjustable tightness, e.g. a nice elastic rubber; or a string can be used for tightness.

c. Sleep cap style. If you are a girl with long or bushy hair, a sleep cap with good cap depth is selectable, as it can cover all your hairs, prevent your hair from disordering while sleeping, and keep the perfect hair style and smooth feeling.


Sleep cap at home, wearing for going out and joining a party.

Silk sleep cap at Orose

Workmanship: double-layer silk design, adjustable elasticated rubber band.

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