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Comparing of Chinese and Indian silk

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In ancient times, silk is the textile which is made of natural silk ( a small amount of tussur silk and cassava silk). Due to the expansion of raw materials of modern textiles , weaving the warp with any natural or synthetic filament fabric, can also be called silk.

China is the largest silk producer and trade country in the world.For a long time, the silk industry has made an important contribution to the Chinese exports. India is the second largest producer in the world of cocoon, raw silk and silk first big consumer.It is also a leading power in terms of silk import and export after processing . But no matter in raw materials or silk trade the two countries are not the same.

Comparing of Chinese and Indian silk

In terms of raw materials,,the most of materials is mulberry silk in both China and India.Compared with low quality yellow silk in India,Chinese white silk is in high quality.In wild silk,there are both tussur silk and castor silk in the two countries.Chinese silk unique cassava silk is only produced in China,while amber silk and Mujia silk which is only in northeast are particular in India.

In terms of the characteristics, products of mulberry silk is shiny, smooth and soft.Mulberry is high fashion material. Chinese white silk, as warp in loom machines,usually can be made comfortable to wear.It is also in good moisture absorption and desorption. The yellow silk can only be used by hand looms and mechanical looms as wefts.Silk products made by that are relatively more rough.

From the silk industry distribution,Indian silk industry is mainly concentrated in rural, urban fringe and other densely populated place.In China,it is concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other eastern traditional silk exporting provinces.

In terms of the silk trade, China exports raw silk classes and undyed white gray silk to India. In recent years, the rapid development of India's domestic silk industry and increased silk production exports have made more and more demand of silk in the country. As one of the world's major consumer of silk products, Indian silk is mainly used for domestic consumption, but there is still 25% of silk for export. India mainly exports textiles. And China is focused on export of raw materials and end products made of silk. China mainly relies on volume growth to compete for international market share, although India exports middle and low-end products, its quality still be safeguarded.

Whether Chinese or Indian silk in the international market,there are both opportunities and challenges of them. Only by improving technology, innovation,the quality of silk products, strengthening cooperation among states in the international arena,then the two country may have more market shares by output and quality.