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The benefits of silk for skin

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There are many benefits of wearing silk clothes. In ancient times, people call it ‘Fiber Queen’. In modern times, people call it ‘another skin of people’. Let’s see what benefits are for skin together.

The benefits of silk for skin

1. Anti ultraviolet
The elements, tryptophane and tyrosine in silk can absorb ultraviolet light easily, so that silk has unique function of anti ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is harmful for our skin. It is true that silk will occur chemical changer under the strong sun light. The original color of silk will turn to brown gradually. This is the reason why silk gets brown easily. It has the function of protecting skin out of the ultraviolet result from absorbing ultraviolet easily. Some of the amino acids in the silk were first oxidized under the sun, thus it changing the color gradually. It is easy for us to find white silk clothing in the sun become yellow gradually. This is the reason why the absorption of ultraviolet light. Therefore, the silk clothing has the function of keeping the skin white and healthy, and preventing the sun sunburn.
In the Middle East country, , the women who lives there cover their face with silk chiffon because the climatethere is dry and the sunshine is strong. Silk clothing is used tocover its body.It effectively prevent the damage of ultravioletto the skin.

2. Physical properties
The hygroscopicity, breathability, anti-static of pure silk are obvious better than other material.

3. Hygroscopicity, breathability
silk threads is the solidification of liquid secreted by the silkworm silk line and into and also a natural protein molecules in a complex composition of compounds. Wearing silk clothes is good for our skin health for its protection function. First of all, silk material has good hygroscopicity. There are many space in the silk which can absorb air and has biological gene of adsorbed water molecule. All these make dry silk can absorb water in moist environment. Damp silk can control the humidity in dry environment. Silk clothes can absorb the sweat from the body and carbon dioxide produced by metabolism. It also takes away the body heat and reduces the risk of infectious of skin. Silk clothes will bring people feel of cool and comfortable. It also has the benefits of preventing eczema, skin itching and other skin diseases. Silk clothes can also keep us worm which benefit from its multi-pore-fiber structure. There are a lot of tiny fibers in a silk fiber which has more tiny fiber too. It seems that there are more than 38% of the solid silk is hollow. There are a lot of air in these gaps and the air to prevent the heat emitted, so that the silk can keep us worm.

4. To cure skin diseases
Silk contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids which is needed by the human body. When people dressed in silk clothing, the amino acid can be through the skin into the body, so that it makes skin to be more smooth and moist.

5. Health care for human body
The feeling of comfortable. Silk is made of protein fibers and has excellent biocompatibility with the human body. It has smooth outside, so that the friction stimulation coefficient of the human body is the lowest in all kinds of fibers, only 7.4%. 5. Therefore, when tender skin and smooth delicate silk unexpectedly, It brings its unique and simple sense along with the curve of human body and then, it makes us feel considerate and safely protect every inch of our skin.