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How to take care of your skin?

Having smooth and delicate skin is believed to be all women’s dream. Even though time flies, youthful appearances, but as long as we are in intensive care, it is still possible to enjoy a healthy young skin.

1. drink plenty of water

You should drink plenty of water to keep the skin moist and healthy. Especially in the morning, drink a glass of water can not only help your skin wake up, it can also moisten intestines, helping to wake up the day after excretion.

2. the election of skin care products

Everyone's skin is different, even if the same person, the skin of different parts of the face is not the same. If dry skin itself is wrong with having a controlling role of skin care products, will make the face feel drier. So before you buy skin care products, it is best to do a skin test to find out exactly what their own skin, and then select the correct skin care products.

3. adequate sleep

Skin has self-repair function, and it is the best time to go to bed at night time. Stay up all night is taboo for skin care, you should go to bed before ten o'clock at night, so that the skin can take a rest.

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4. choose silk bedding and pajamas

Silk is a porous fiber, has a good insulation, moisture, wet bulk and breathable performance, it can regulate the skin moisture, keep skin clean. Silk fiber contains 18 kinds of amino acid composition that similar to human skin, which can increase the vitality of epithelial cells, prevent hardening of the arteries, and have a skin nourishing effect.
Each person's life has a third of the time in bed, while the skin repair itself in regulating human sleep. Choose natural health of silk bedding and high-grade silk pajamas can effectively maintain the luster and delicate skin.

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5. do not exposure

Sun's ultraviolet rays can be sterilized, but if prolonged skin exposure to sunlight, absorbing excess ultraviolet radiation, the skin will darken, worse, even will cause skin cancer. Therefore, before a sunny day out, to smear a good quality sunscreen, summer time and then put on a UV parasol.
The glycine, tyrosine and tryptophan in silk fibroin with UV shielding can effectively prevent ultraviolet (UV) radiation and greatly reduce the risks of developing skin cancer.
So when you go out, put on a silk scarf, it’s cannot only keep cool and prevent you from the sun, but also make you beautiful, it’s a very good choice.

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6. eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

The skin needs food is different season. In spring, you can eat some apples, kiwi fruit, citrus, grapes. In summer you can eat cabbage, grapefruit, watermelon. In autumn you can eat broccoli, milk, carrots, in winter you can eat beef and mutton, onions, dried longan. Whatever you eat, you should pay attention to nutritional balance.

7. regular do mask

Mask skin care is really important. My people cannot be very accurate to know their own skin. Then you may look for some professionals, you should listen to their advises and try several different types of mask.

8. regular exercise

Regular exercise can exhaust the toxins of the body and keep your skin healthy and elastic.