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How to take care of silk sheets?

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Silk sheets are high-quality, expensive and luxury bedding, which due to its own environmental, healthy, warm and comfortable, quality and other natural features, especially mulberry silk sheets. So how can we take care of silk bed sheets?

silk bedding set

Firstly, natural silk is more delicate than low-grade cotton and flax. Smooth your nail when using and washing silk sheets, and keep it away from sharp objects.

Secondly, choose silky detergent when washing sheets. It’s easy to damage silk sheet with ordinary detergent.

Thirdly, dark color on silk is easy to fade, be sure to soak silk sheets separately. Or it is likely to cause staining.

Fourthly, wash by hand using cold water. Don’t use the washing machine, for it’s easy to damage the silk bed sheets.

Fifthly, please avoid direct sunlight when drying, it’s easy to became fade and old under sunlight.