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Skills teaches you to sleep more and more beautiful!

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1. Sleep on silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are rich in fiber, like a soft nest wrapped your hair, increasing the degree of sleep. Silk can reduce the friction between the skin and the pillowcase. Silk can also avoid hair tangles and breakage.

skills of sleep

2. Sleep on one’s back

Sleep on one’s stomach causing repeated compression of the skin, easy to grow wrinkles. Sleep on one’s side can lead to skin wrinkles on pressure side than the other side. If your eyes in the morning are easy swollen, you’d better use a pillow. Because when you sleep on your back, fluid accumulates around the eyes, leading to the appearance of puffiness.

3. Triple moisturizing

Regular physical exercise can improve the quality of sleep at night, but you had better not do too intense sport before going to bed.

4. Change your pillowcase twice a week

Change your pillowcase twice a week, your pillowcases contact with your hair and skin all night, lots of bacteria already accumulated. Put your pillow in the sun, and reduce the chance of bacterial attachment.

5. Open the humidifier when sleeping

Drinking plenty of water is an effective way to care your skin. However, you cannot drink when you sleep. Using a humidifier ensures that the skin does not become dry. In cold and dry days, the skin can be dry and crack more easily, thus driving a humidifier sleep is especially important.

6. Keep away from super-salty foods and alcoholic beverages before sleep

Alcohol can cause dehydration of the body. To compensate for the loss of water, the body began to collect bodily fluid flow in the liquid around the eyes, as well as elsewhere. Similarly, too much salt intake, the chance of puffy eyes will be greatly increased.

skills of sleep

7. Pack up your hair

In order to prevent hair breakage (especially around the hairline), it’s better to pack up your hair with a silk sleep cap.

8. Sleep with a clean face

Sleep with makeup is irresponsible to yourself. Seriously and carefully wash before going to bed is a need for the "beauty sleep".