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How to distinguish the silk quilt and the chemical fiber quilt

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Obtaining a reassuring sleep is the pursuit of many people. Then a reassuring sleep can not be separated with good bedding articles. Currently, the popular quilts are silk quilt and chemical fiber quilt in the market. However, because high-grade products are favored by consumers, many illegal businessmen has manufactured some sham products to deceive consumers. Many consumers don’t have any experience and knowledge in this aspect. That’s why they are usually cheated. Today, we would like to share how to distinguish the silk quilt and the chemical fiber quilt with you.

1. Touch with hand.The true silk is soft and exquisite. While touching, it is resilient and a little astringent and sticky. But the chemical fiber is stiff or abnormally smooth.

2. Listen with ear.Take a little fiber and knead with you hand. The dry silk will have the sound of “shasha” while kneading. But the chemical fiber will not have this sound.

3. Observe the glossiness. The silk product has the glossiness similar to pearls and it doesn’t look dazzling. But the chemical fiber is pale in color and it is rather dazzling.

4. Women should treat themselves a little better, external clothing is worn to be shown to others, the inner comfort is for their own, so do not ignore the importance of pajamas and bedding.

5. Burn with fire. The silk and chemical fiber will burn with fire. The difference is that the silk will stop burning without fire but the chemical fiber will continue to burn. The silk will have a kind of scorching smell as furs. Its residue is grey and it will smash if you pressed with your finger.However, the chemical fiber will give off a kind of scorching smell as plastic. Its residue looks like black balls, which are very hard in texture and are very difficult to crumb.

After reading all these, do you regret that we didn’t meet earlier? Orose silk bedding articles are all made of natural 100% mulberry silk. It can be your most trusted choice.