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The choices of pillowcases

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There is about one third of our life in bed. It is inevitable for us to touch the pillowcase. Many types of material are sale on the market nowadays. The most popular one is Cotton pillowcase, the other is Silk Pillowcase.

the difference between cotton pillowcase and silk pillowcase

Pure cotton products is one of the most widely used products in the world.Cotton pillowcase has good air permeability and moisture absorption as well as does not irritate the skin. The choice of color cotton pillowcases varies from person to person. Dark pattern pillowcases are elegant, which is suitable for luxury decoration.Colorful ones are for modern style rooms. Warm ones are for the elderly.Cold tone patterns ones are for young people. Children like Cartoon cotton pillowcases very much. It certainly has some defects.It wrinkles easily when it washes and it is hard to be smooth. Pure cotton products will shrink after watering. Shrink rate is 2% to 5%. Pure cotton products are also easy to stick hair and it is difficult to completely clear. According to different styles of cotton pillowcases and different patterns, it has a wide variation in price. The common price in the market of a pair of cotton pillowcases is between 25 and 60.

Zhang Xiaoxian wrote in "a man's moon" that a woman must have a silk pillowcase.Why? Because sleeping in the silk pillow cases will not have wrinkles!Silk is very soft and no matter how to squeeze friction; a face is not easy to wrinkle when sleeping. Foreign super model soften carry a pair of silk pillowcase with them. In the morning, it feels really different when you wake up in a silk pillowcase.

Natural silk is a natural protein fiber which is composed of eighteen kinds of amino acids.It is different from cotton and chemical fiber. It is very similar to the chemical results of the skin of the human body. It has a good compatibility and it can nourish and protect the skin.Silk pillowcases which use one hundred percent natural silk as raw has a feeling of smooth and cool. It can take care of your skin; it can make your cheeks smooth like silk and keep your hair smoothly as well.

In recent years, it is found that silk fabric has good health care function through scientific research. Natural silk is a natural protein fiber which is composed of eighteen kinds of amino acids.It can help maintain the super session of the old by the new of the skin surface lipid.So So it can keep the skin moisture and smooth.In addition, it has adjuvant therapy effect for some skin diseases. According to the needs of various parts of the human body, medical workers make different fabrics with pure silk.They Select 30 patients with skin itching. It shows simple use of pure silk fabric can get better curative effect without using topical drugs. The patient has bedsore that is lying on the bed for a long time. If he uses pure silk mat and pure silk underwear then binds the affected part with silk, it will keep the affected area plot and accelerate wound healing. Silk is known as "fiber Queen", with its unique charm by people of all ages from ancient to modern times.

A good pillow is likes coffee-mate. Making a good choice can have a good rest and healthy life.