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What shall we do if the silk quilt is pressed heavily?

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Silk quilt is becoming more and more important in our life. People who have ever used silk quilt will certainly feel its charm. It can be said that silk quilt can be counted as one of the best quilts no matter talking about the comfort property or healthfulness. I don’t want to talk any more about the advantages of silk quilts. People who know nothing about the maintenance method of silk quilts usually come across a very normal question: What shall we do if the silk quilt is pressed heavily?

People who just used the silk quilt or others who care less about its maintenance will put the silk quilt casually in the wardrobe for storage. And they will also put other things in the wardrobe later. As time passes, the silk quilt is pressed with more and more weight. You will find that your silk quilt is pressed terribly when you want to use it once again.

First of all, we have to take the silk quilt out for basking if the silk quilt is found to be pressed heavily. It is important to note that the silk quilt couldn’t been put under the blazing sun for a quite a long time. After basking for half an hour or one hour, we have to strike the quilt with our hand or cotton swab. Then the silk quilt will become fluffy after repeated strike. However, if your silk quilt is pressed very hard and repeated strike is noneffective, you are suggested to take your silk quilt to the processing place for renovation, thus the fluffiness will be improved greatly and the good performance of the silk quilt will be kept. Meanwhile, the quilt cover can also been washed at the same time. But this is unlikely to happen. Usually the silk quilt will go back to fluffy after striking. Be sure not to put heavy things on silk quilts in storing. Protecting the silk quilt is protecting yourself.