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Preferred silk gift for Christmas

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The sense of elegant of silk makes people feel distance with it. Nowadays, many fashion products notice this fashion element. The silky material and unique romantic printing make an ordinary single product instantly more texture and highlights, as well as exude a thick vacation breath. Christmas is coming. A silk gift makes a deeper impression than others.

An irregular hem silk skirt looks more elegant with a pair of equally thick atmosphere of the holiday straw shoes. Being a beautiful travelling woman.

The silk scarf of Versace is made by 100% Silk decorated by manual polishing. Design mixes with elegant baroque style and classic Christmas elements.Inspiration comes from the Versace collection pattern.Red and gold colors match to a seamless heavenly robe perfectly.

The legendary supermodel Kate Moss wore a pair of pink silk pajamas to attend the Premiere of the film A String of Naked Lightbulbs in 2014. Here especially deep signMoss that only she can matching like this and the pink fur shawl has played a very important role.

Rihanna once wore a pair of silk pajamas of Korean fashion brand FleaMadonna when she was outing. She matched with the body chain, lace underwear and rabbit high-heeled slippers. She completely lit the fire to the silk pajamas, which made people feel that wear pajamas can also walk in a natural and unrestrained way.

The inspiration of KOBE 9 Silk is the Silk Road of the East and the West and mix with characteristics of different cultures. It shows Kobe's contribution to basketball in the world. In the ancient times, the purple silk was the most valuable. Therefore the KOBE 9 Silk mesh uppers especially in purple tone with the golden Nike logo and Kobe's signature.

It is cool to walk on your neck.The metrosexual man must have a good scarf in the wardrobe. It is not only warm, but also an important role for dress up. Men wear silk scarf having a feeling of elegant.When wearing a suit, a silk scarf on the neck, improves the temperament immediately.

Kate had worn the most memorable cup cap with curly feather and grey silk. It made women envy red eyes.

Each of the Hermes ties is strict with the quality of silk hand wove.Only a meter long tie is connected to the world's continents to spread the busy time of old Silk Road. In order to meet the requirements of men in the digital age, Hermesinnovates the tie that thickens silk fabric and reduced the width of the tie from 9.1 cm to 8 cm.And even starts a USB tie to provide more convenience for men.But for CEO, politicians and the Royal Hermes silk tie has been sought by many men.