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Development of silk industry in the first half of 2016

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The silk industry is affected by the perplexing factors in macro environment at home and abroad. Economic downward has such a high pressure. Some of silk enterprises has management difficulties. With increasing of the market risk, the development of the industry is facing more uncertain factors. From the international perspective, the first half of 2016, the world economic recovery is slow. the United Kingdom exiting from the EU and other risking factors continue to gather. All these factors cause turmoil in the global economic situation. Negative feedback effect caused by the political and economic double turmoil will further hinder the recovery of the global economy, thus affecting the entire international market demand. In the second half silk export situation will still be difficult to have a big improvement.

From the domestic perspective, under the complicated economic environment and it continus to increase, operation of our national economy in a reasonable range. The main indicators gradually pick up, showing a trend of ease of stabilization, steady for the better. Domestic market demand has been further explored.

In the second half, the domestic macro economic weakness will be more obvious. From the part of policy, at the end of 2015, the central economic work conference proposed that in 2016 , the supply side of the structural will reform five major tasks. The task has been achieved remarkable results since it begin. At the same time, with the promotion of reform, the deep-seated structural conflicts are also emerging. Weak demand and insufficient domestic demand are still the most obvious difficulties till now.

To promote the consumer goods industry, increase varieties of quality, and set up the brand. Three strategies plan is made in May. The executive meeting of the State Council has printed the papper, whose aim is to better meet the mass consumption demand and put forward the action guide. Subsequently, the State Council issued the ‘opinions on the brand to play leading role in the supply and demand structure upgrading’. This paper puts forward the brand foundation construction, supplys structure, demands structure and upgrades of the three project, which is an important measure to promote the supply side structural further reform, and to be an important way to foster new economic development momentum. Document issued will paly leading role of the brand and stimulate innovation and create vitality, and improve product quality. Lead consumption, create new demand, establish independent brand consumer confidence. It plays the important role in boosting demand for economic growth.

Government has increased the reforms on supply side and reduced production storage to stimulus deep reform. Macroeconomic stabilization is trend to be better, which brings greater opportunities for the industry to further develop the domestic market. At present, the proportion of the export of silk products from the past 2: 8 has gradually become now 5: 5, domestic. Silk industry has become an important economic support for the silk industry. Although due to the economic downturn and other reasons, it has effect on domestic silk products consumption, but in the long run, with the domestic income increasing, consumption levels continue to improve, the sustainable development of network business and other new sales model, domestic sales accounted for the sale of silk products is increasing.Especially, the middle class consumption grade and consumption characteristics changed a lot. The domestic silk market also has a huge demand potential for the development of the silk industry has provided an unprecedented opportunity.

Based on the above judgment, with the gradual improving economic situation nationwide, the domestic market potential will further release. With structure reform of the industry and upgrading the effectiveness of further embodiment, the silk industry is expected to be better in the second half. However, due to increased uncertainty risk factors, promotion of the supply side to the industry reform and maintaince of the industry smooth will focus on future development of the industry. We need to pay attention to the risk of he industry's economic downside continuously.