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Benefits of silk pillowcase

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Cotton, polyester and rayon all can be used to make pillowcases, but silk pillowcases are the best for human.

What’s the benefits of using silk pillowcases?

First, the comfortable experience. Silk is a protein fiber composed of an excellent biocompatibility with the human body. With a smooth surface, silk’s stimulation coefficient of friction on the human body is the lowest among all types of fibers. The experience of sleeping on silk pillowcases is excellent.

Second, the benefits for hair. The characteristic of antistatic of silk pillowcase is very good, silk contains 18 silk amino acids which is good for human hair, they can effectively nourish your hair, keep the hair smooth and supple, you will find that your hair is no longer so easy to tie and curled up. One accoutrements of international supermodel, is one pair of silk pillowcases.

Third, good for facial skin and reduce wrinkles. Silk pillowcases called "Beauty Pillowcase", which is very smooth, cool. When you sleep, it’s not easy to have wrinkles no matter how you press the friction face. Silk contains 18 kinds of essential amino acids, which can nourish the skin, prevent skin aging and so on, it can also clean the skin, increase skin cell vitality.

Orose silk bedding such as silk pillowcases are made of 100% natural mulberry silk, they’re very smooth, cool, and will care for your skin in every possible way. Orose silk products can help your face and body to maintain silky smooth, so you look younger!

Fourth, silk pillowcase is very noble and luxury. Its exterior color is very beautiful. With its good decorative features, it can greatly improve your quality of life.

Fifth, the raw material of silk pillowcases is natural without other chemical components, very healthy and environmental.

benefits of silk pillowcase

If you have not yet experienced the silk pillowcases, act quickly! Orose silk pillowcases will bring you a different experience!