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Benefits of silk comforter

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1. It is the comforter good at caring about you most.

What is the key to make comforter keep warm and be breathable? Cotton with nine holes is the highest level in today's cotton textile science and technology, its cross section has 9 small holes. The holes are used to ventilate, and the cross section of natural silk fiber has countless holes.

The heat from body is vented out of the comforter through these holes, people feel very breathable and the gases left within the pores play an important role in keeping warm, this is the reason that silk comforter are more breathable and warmer than others.

benefits of silk comforterbenefits of silk comforter

2. The healthiest comforter

When you sleep every night, skin continues to drain toxins in your body. Mulberry silk is recognized as the softest, the healthiest natural fiber in the world , which is especially body-fitted and comfortable, helping you drop into your sweet dreams in the shortest possible time.

3. The cleanest comforter

In the comforter of chemical fiber, the friction of chemical fiber produces static electricity, static electricity generated by comforter adsorbs your dander and dust, from month to month, you are similar to sleep in a large vacuum cleaner. But the silk comforter won't become like that, mulberry silk is the protein fiber, it won't produce static electricity under friction, dust or dead skin is adsorbed in no way, all fell on the ground as long as they are gently shaken, so silk comforter are the cleanest comforter.

4. The comforter can add beauty most.

The protein content in mulberry silk is much higher than the pearl, of which the nitrogen content is 37 times higher than pearl, content of main amino acid is over 10 times higher than the pearl, mulberry silk can be harvested and processed into natural silk hydrolysate(silk peptide), the penetration of silk peptide is extremely strong, after 10 seconds being applied in the skin, silk peptide can penetrate into the skin quality layer, give play to the role of heat preservation, it penetrates the cuticle and combines with epidermis cells, and is absorbed as nutrients by cells, participates in and promotes cell metabolism, it also provides necessary nutrients for cell metabolism and can repair damaged skin.

5.The longest saved comforter

Silk comforter can use 10 to 15 years. Ordinary comforter will mildew and be invaded by mites and bacteria after using for a long time. Using silk comforter can be very comfortable, breathable, warm, environmentally friendly , and silk comforter can be used for a long time, people can enjoy the value beyond the price.

6. The most comfortable comforter - the second skin of human beings

Mulberry silk is the natural fiber integrating light, soft, fine features, it has long been known as 'The second skin of human bodies'. Its main composition is natural animal protein fiber, its structure is the most similar to humans' skin. Mulberry silk is smooth, breathable, soft, hygroscopic, not itchy and antistatic, these characteristics make it an excellent material for making close-fitting clothes. More importantly, as endoplasmic silk,mulberry silk has unique qualities and advantages including more close-fitting, warmer, fluffy and soft, breathable and hygienical. So, silk comforter is the most comfortable comforter.

7. The best gift

A third of time in people's life is sleeping, which means sleep is very important in our life, so it is necessary to spend time making the choice of the comforter. Send comforter to relatives and friends, let them sleep comfortably, is the biggest concern for them.