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Whether silk quilt or silk pillow has a unique smell

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Mulberry silk is a kind of natural fiber mainly composed of animal proteins, so real silk has a flavor of a natural silkworm chrysalis, the smell is very weak, but it is definitely not irritating smell, a pungent taste must have quality problem!
There are two possible conditions:

First, when the silk is in the degummed, it is added with chemical substance.

Second, it is using the inferior silk and tussah silk, and is bleached with chemicals in order to increase the white.

If the smell is large, it shows that the cocoon silk was incomplete in degumming scouring, and sericin is saved too much, which belongs to a question of quality.

It is very simple to remove silk smell. Put the silk in the sun, but don’t put the quilt directly in the sun, you had better cover the quilt with a layer of brunet sheet to protect silk quilt. You can also put the quilt in the sun shines with wind. The taste can be removed.

Consumers can be at ease using silk quilt.